Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He Said It!!

Finally..... Lil slug a bug said it! The words were like music to my ears along with relief and excitement. He said..." Mommy, Mommy I gotta go potty!"   OMG!!! He finally told me when he had to go instead of just going in his pants. This time .. tonight.. He was in the tub. I went to go get some pajamas in the next room when he started screaming those exact words for me. I leaped for joy, ran down the hallway, scooped him up out of the water and placed him on the froggy potty. AND just like that.... He went poopy on the potty. 
Now I'm not saying he'll do the same tomorrow but tonight was a start right? 
For all the parents out there please tell me your secrets for potty training... it's been a long hard struggle for us. I tried everything in the book along with everything I read online and he was still hesitant. Back in the summer he was going and was doing great then he regressed. 
BUT onto new beginnings and hopefully an end in the near future of pullups and stinky messes.

So proud of you my little boy!! Keep up the good work.I know it's hard and very Scary but Mommy is with you for the long haul. I'll stand by you for every poop and pee you make and support all your efforts as we go through this stage in your life together!

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  1. How cute...I know the feeling! Thanks so much for sharing at my party. Please come back next Thursday to see if your recipe stood out and to link again! I am a follower of your lovely blog!