Monday, November 21, 2011

It's the little things

It's the little things that make me happy.
A cup of hot pumpkin spiced coffee on a chill day... is bliss to me.
A hot bath... away from the boys is so relaxing.
Little kisses on the forehead before everyone disperses for the day.
Not forgetting to bring me home rolls for dinner.
Randomly popping up with flowers for me.
Saying I love you and smooching from across the room.
Putting my head on my pillow every night after getting goodnight kisses and hugs from my lil man.
My lil man rubbing my back till I fall asleep.
Clean kitchens and nice smelling homes.
Fresh laundry folded nice and neat.
Homemade bread.
Making list of short term goals
Catching a few pages of a good book.
These are things that make me happy but unfortunately they are becoming more and more of a rarity theses days. I guess that is what makes me appreciate them so much more. Being able to have that time in the tub to sit and relax is a joy. Of course I still here my kid screaming and calling my name from down the steps but I know his Dad will distract him and I can sit and enjoy!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

no title for this one, just thought

So I just watched the movie Julie and Julia and I fell in love with it. I'm a few years behind but I just got the DVR thing where you can record things. Yeah!..... Well it got me thinking about how I deserted my own blog. I lost the enthusiasm that I had when I started. I had only just discovered my stride. Want I really wanted my blog to be about and I realized that my direction was leaning towards food and mom helpful techniques and I want to start sharing my thoughts and releasing my stress again in a more 'feel-good' way.
The movie reminded me of how quirky I am. Ironically I get along with everyone and enjoy talking to anyone. I'm a girl who likes to be social and connect with others. In the movie both Julie and Julia were really quirky but the men they fell in love with still stood by them through every breakdown, temper tantrum, depression modes, and most of all crazy ideas and projects. It got me thinking how much I love my man no matter how quirky I am. I love that he is patient and kind with me and even though he jokes with me sometimes that might sound mean I know its not. Thats just how we mess with each other. I know he supports anything I do.
Example I have been spending this time recently to find a job. I mean a real job, one that will give me security. Although I love staying home with my little one I fear he has to go to school sooner than later. He is an only child and he needs to be a lot more socialized on a daily basis. He has so much energy. I can not contain my son in my home without going insane or getting a migraine by late afternoon.
The job hunt has not been a easy one or a fun one. I have had no luck. So I start thinking again... me always thinking... If I put back the effort into my crafty skills I could find a way to start making things happen on my own. If that means starting one of those self-starter businesses like demonstrating,  I think it would be nothing but beneficial. I can't go any more backwards.
So hear I am rambling on about my next step to trying to stabilize my surroundings. Through all the rambling I realized that I want to be happy. I'm sick of the depressed funky moods. I don't honestly want to give up being at home with my son but if something had come my way I would be willing to change my life... again. I want to be able to solve all my problems by hoping to get back in touch with my crafty side and sell my own goods.
(I recently just got an oven. Four years, no oven was an interesting way to learn how to cook. If I can do it anyone can. I love having an oven though. its a whole new world. I can bake! I can do anything really. Bake bread and my own rolls. casseroles. Make my frozen meal plan finally to work. Possibilities are endless now.)

~Motivation is the key to everything
~Never stop trying
~Good things do eventually happen to good people