Thursday, June 30, 2011


Since the weather has gotten warmer and my child has become incredibly rambunctious the only solution has been to retreat to the park in the early afternoon.

My Johnny has become an expert tree climber ( mommy has a nervous breakdown each time he runs for that tree) 

He thinks  the tree is his throne!!

My little prince is a boy through and through.

My dog Coco is still the better tree climber in the family. She'll jump up all by herself!
Hanging by the "beach" (living in the city we work with what we got since we live by the river we therefore have a beach). My Johnny collecting rocks and sticks. We learned how to skip rocks in the water. My son has an incredible arm!!
And to end our lovely days in the park we usually run around in the grass ( we race) Johnny's favorite thing is to get Mommy to run all he has to say is " ready, set, GO!" and we usually take of from wherever we stand.
So we'll run around and pick some "wishies" to blow into the nice breeze.

I Love our family outings at the park. It gives us time to play and run and spend time together and get back into nature.
Hope you all have somewhere you like to retreat to with your families.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am Inspired

I have been inspired lately by .. well... everything! the weather, the season, the internet, my friends, my job....  I want to do somethings on my list. I've been hearing it alot, people talking about there "lists" Mine is quite extensive and keeps on getting bigger(longer). I just got a job which is exciting for me but not many hours and not a great pay but its something for me to have for my self. SO i can do the things I want to do!
Soo todays inspiration is putting together and week full of recipes that are new to me but will still be enjoyed by my family so that is m post for today. A week full of budget friendly healthy easy recipes that satisfy. And as I attempt each recipe I will post about it since I got such a huge response from my stuffed shells and cake balls. haha well huge for me. Plus it will help me start blogging again and be involved within my own little world.

-Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto
-Pulled bbq pork
-grilled pizza
-steak Kabobs
I think thats a good variety that everyone will love.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Prayers Please!

When is it when everything seems to be going well, something dramatic happens that makes you look at life in a whole new way. i think its God's funny way of making you worry while forcing you to talk about certain fears. I think its also his way at telling us "things can always get worse". I like to be the optimist and think "if we're so far on the bottom, it couldn't get any worse"
You see my Bf's cousin was critically injured last night. My boy came home from work and was trying to take a nap when his phone started ringing like crazy. Here I am making dinner, relaxing with the family, looking forward to our night in and then John is running out the door to get to the hospital. My man is amazing though. Instead of breaking down or doing anything irrational He acted like more of a babysitter, mediator, and taxi driver. He had to break up fights, make sure everyone was ok ( who couldn't handle themselves or scared they might do something crazy).>>>> anyway this really isn't my story to tell but This family def. needs all the prayers they can get. They may not be my family and i may not be that close with them, but its my boyfriends family and that is more than enough for me.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I feel like I haven't had internet in forever. Well i kinda haven't its been about two months without it and to be honest I think it was a great thing because me and my family are doing better than ever. I just read my last blog and realized how lost i was two months ago. Me and the boy are doing great. It took some serious events and long tearful discussions to get to where we are but we both realize that without each other we would have no one because in all honesty WE are the only ones who make each other happy ( besides ourselves) and we are the only ones who want to see ourselves succeed. Lately it seems that people we have been surrounding ourselves with find some way to bring us down. Now i thought that was impossible because we def. have hit rock bottom. Wehn it comes to our financial situation we are struggling, but i broke down and asked my parents for some help, found a job and have been supporting my man every way possible to help him get back on his feet again. I only work minimal hours which is good and bad. I wish i could work more for better income but it still gives me the time i need to keep my lifestyle when it comes to raising my son. I love my job, back in retail is exactly where I'm supposed to be, strange how when i was younger I hated working in retail and hated how my bosses would think it was the end of the world if the store wasn't exactly right. But now i guess I'm just like that because I love being back in a clothing store.
So ever since our internet and cable got turned off (lack of money and tv n computers are not necessities in my book) me and the hubs and our little one started taking the dogs to the park and getting outside. It has been beautiful! Exercising, getting fresh air, getting out of the house and enjoying our lives. Living the simple life in every way. Because we have too but it has been a blessing. We have reconnected as a family and really gotten to know one another again. I realized who is important in my life and who i really don't need in my life and for that I am grateful! SO now I'm back online and things are going to continue to be different but we"re happy this way. I'm in love with life again. Things are looking up and I never wanna look back.
And special thanks to my mom and dad without the two of them, my family would be suffering along with struggling!!