Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Weather!

It's going to be beautiful out today! I'm so excited! I get to see my girlie today i haven't seen her in forever it feels like. At least a couple weeks. We're doing breakfast at a new restaurant, hope its good. Then going to visit my grandmother, she bought the babe some toddler-like food. Then finding some outdoorsy activity to do so we soak up the sunshine and the warm air. Today is going to be fun but first i have some chores to do so let me right down a list, if i don't i'll forget and then be mad at myself later. Haha
-so first do dishes, clean kitchen
-take shower
-then continue laundry ( water won't turn cold on u if u take the shower first) < i always forget that tip!
-hmmm.. what else Oh pick the toys up and vacuum
- be on our way!!!!
-MUST GET DOG FOOD so can't forget to do that today!
Hope you all have a good day hahaha as i talk to no one cuz no one loves me boooooo......

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Just breath. Thats what I've been telling myself all day. It's ten of one in the morning and i'm finally able to sit down and relax or in reality fold laundry, do the dishes, take the trash out (while letting the dogs out), make lunches for the hubs and check my email and blog. Haha yeah thats relaxation at its finest, don't ya think? All day my lil slug a bug had been whiny and cranky. I can't tell if it was from the tumble off the bed early in the morning or the fact that daddy had gotten outta bed to go to work. I woke up to "where'd daddy go?" He went to work now go back to sleep. no such luck. Six am and we were up making breakfast. I started the day off good and then things went sour. I tried doing as much laundry as possible since i was in the hospital and pretty much out of commission last week Shit got crazy in my house, meaning laundry piles that never end, toys that never seem to be put away, and a bathroom that seems to never get cleaned. So this week I've been catching up but today my lil one wouldn't allow such tasks to be achieved. I'd say "you wanna help mommy clean?" " yeah mom, i clean?" more like cry and whine until you pick me up and hold me forever that was the kinda day its been. Even after daddy came home from work mommy was still on "hold me" duty. Its like if the kid wasn't eating or destroying my house with dry erase markers he was on my hip or lap since he's getting so heavy these days and my back is still not right from being sick. Ugh ... i just needed to vent...... also i'm such a loner on this bloggy world how do i make friends or followers whatever i want people to read me lol soon i will take you all by storm you won't even know what hit ya's haha i should probably start giving shit away maybe then you'll all like me!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mixed Emotions and feeling the pressures!

Hmmm.... where to start? I'm loving this whole new world of blogging. It has been helping me appreciate where my life has ended up and despite all the struggles that come with not planning on having a family young I just can't stop thinking of how happy I really am. Of course me and the boyfriend still bicker and fight and its always over something stupid but I've realized that its not me anymore it's just him getting jealous. A quick example: Last weekend i went out for a friends birthday and had a couple drinks. I purposely did everything that day to make my man happy and pleased and even straight out asked him if he was OK if i went out or a little bit. If i said i'll be home by eleven and don't come home till one it's all over and I'm getting the silent treatment for a day or two. I don't get it and i probably never will. I know there is an underlying trust issue but i'm willing to look beyond that mainly b/c i know my man's messed up emotionally. I could go on and on about who screwed him and the mess that I came upon but i won't mainly because I know we have the most important thing in the world, Love. I have never felt the way i feel with my Slug a Bug then with any other person. We get eachother and we care for eachother and thats something thats solid! Plus we have a beautiful son who is a part of us both and without one another we couldn't survive. Both of us understand that much!
OK so that wasn't supposed to be the basis of my blog I think I wanted to touch base on the fact that my son is well Amazing!!

My Lil Slug a Bug is growing up so fast. He's so smart and He is starting to really impress me with what he learns and how he is learning the things he knows. The process of him growing is fascinating to me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back in the swing

So my hubby finally a job this past week He should be working for the next five weeks at least thats amazing considering everything we've been going through. I have a never ending wishlist that i can't seem to stop writing on. I realized that i can spruce up my house myself if i had the funds to do so. I want to paint every room. right now i have wood paneling in every room and i mean every single room in my house its annoying. My house is super old and falling apart. I'm addicted to and magazines and other home improvement websites. But my house is nothing like anyone else's its doesn't even feel like my own home thats because technically its not but whole i'm living here i feel like i should be able to make it mine. A nice place for my family to grow in. All i'll need is paint, curtains, lighting, shelves, an oven, and cabinets in the kitchen.... see thats not that much! I hope the boy feels the same because i have a lot i want to accomplish. I want to make gardening boxes this spring and learn how to grow veggies and herbs. I want to just be able to have the things that most people take for granted like an oven i just want to bake up a batch of cupcakes or brownies. I have discovered coffee again......... its exciting because the caffeine really helps after you've been drugged up for days. Yes Monday i went to the emergency room for random little bite marks all over my body. they prescribed me and anti-inflammatory  and boy was i out of it the first day, yest. i was just sleepy, but today i drank my coffee and got some things accomplished... only some not all but i still got tomorrow and the next day. .................... i know i'm rambling but it's not even 8 thirty and both my child and boyfriend are passed out on the recliner. but you see my bf has an excuse he's been working all day, babyboy not so much he didn't even wake up till ten am but no nap so he's staying asleep for the night. i guess thats all for tonight damn i'm cold wheres my blanket?