Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Just breath. Thats what I've been telling myself all day. It's ten of one in the morning and i'm finally able to sit down and relax or in reality fold laundry, do the dishes, take the trash out (while letting the dogs out), make lunches for the hubs and check my email and blog. Haha yeah thats relaxation at its finest, don't ya think? All day my lil slug a bug had been whiny and cranky. I can't tell if it was from the tumble off the bed early in the morning or the fact that daddy had gotten outta bed to go to work. I woke up to "where'd daddy go?" He went to work now go back to sleep. no such luck. Six am and we were up making breakfast. I started the day off good and then things went sour. I tried doing as much laundry as possible since i was in the hospital and pretty much out of commission last week Shit got crazy in my house, meaning laundry piles that never end, toys that never seem to be put away, and a bathroom that seems to never get cleaned. So this week I've been catching up but today my lil one wouldn't allow such tasks to be achieved. I'd say "you wanna help mommy clean?" " yeah mom, i clean?" more like cry and whine until you pick me up and hold me forever that was the kinda day its been. Even after daddy came home from work mommy was still on "hold me" duty. Its like if the kid wasn't eating or destroying my house with dry erase markers he was on my hip or lap since he's getting so heavy these days and my back is still not right from being sick. Ugh ... i just needed to vent...... also i'm such a loner on this bloggy world how do i make friends or followers whatever i want people to read me lol soon i will take you all by storm you won't even know what hit ya's haha i should probably start giving shit away maybe then you'll all like me!!!

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