Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Weather!

It's going to be beautiful out today! I'm so excited! I get to see my girlie today i haven't seen her in forever it feels like. At least a couple weeks. We're doing breakfast at a new restaurant, hope its good. Then going to visit my grandmother, she bought the babe some toddler-like food. Then finding some outdoorsy activity to do so we soak up the sunshine and the warm air. Today is going to be fun but first i have some chores to do so let me right down a list, if i don't i'll forget and then be mad at myself later. Haha
-so first do dishes, clean kitchen
-take shower
-then continue laundry ( water won't turn cold on u if u take the shower first) < i always forget that tip!
-hmmm.. what else Oh pick the toys up and vacuum
- be on our way!!!!
-MUST GET DOG FOOD so can't forget to do that today!
Hope you all have a good day hahaha as i talk to no one cuz no one loves me boooooo......

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