Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Where in the world........

Where have I been????? Not blogging thats where.
Unfortunately I dropped the ball this summer. Not on purpose just got insanely busy.
New job.. yet again... but this time ... its a keeper.
I'm the new file clerk for a Law Firm in the City!!!
Yeah I get to dress up and ride the train into the City to get to my office..
It's pretty cool!! First office job for me and I Love It! Never thought I would settle into the corporate world so easily But the people I'm working for and the environment I work in couldn't be any better.

So whats happened this past summer... Only everything....
My baby boy is Officially potty trained WOOHOO!!!! You go SlugABug!!
A few accidents when he's out of his comfort zone but Ya Know What.... *Bleep* Happens!
Funny Story behind potty training this lil one......
      We must be grateful to our loving Poppy!.. If it wasn't for fishing in the middle of the woods, Johnny would never have learned to pee on a tree and therefore would never have used these skills to go on the potty. Thanks Poppy!

Johnny in his big boy underwear and being silly with stickers.
We went trash picking  Seriously around my neighborhood the saying "One mans trash is another mans treasure" really has meaning. I need to go around my house one day and do a whole post on trash picked items I use on a daily basis.
This is one of my favorites my Man brought home to me.

And it Worked.... took a lil tinkering to get it to light up but since my SLugabug is a John of all trades He fixed it and now it's mine!!!
BTW Blue Moon happens to be one of my favorite beverage

We spent the summer visiting local garden centers and farm stands experimenting with different produce. The whole family has been involved and we have even starting changing some of our eating habits. It's been a real educational summer when it comes to our nutrition. And we have made some real good friends!
 Plus on Sat. mornings me and Lil Slugabug go to the farmstand and while Mommy enjoys a cooking class the lil one enjoys Arts and Crafts... and visiting the animals... Milkshake the pig, the chickens, the farm kitty, and of course the fish pond and turtles!!! It's always a nice time and Johnny is always well-behaved.

We recently got a new dryer... so My Slugabug cleaned up the basement as much as possible to make it at least less scary then it was...
He's the best!
(sad to say getting a new dryer was practically the highlight of my summer, honestly you never realize a good thing until its not there anymore and Boy was my back hurting from Laundry)

Mommy and Johnny being silly .... I also discovered instagram LOL!
Then it was time for Vacation...
5 days to relax on the beach of the Jersey Shore....
Now thats what I was waiting for all Summer......
Lil Slug a Bug on the ride down.

My nephew Lucas

 Digging in the sand and making castles!
My nephew Daniel and Johnny
Poppy and Lucas
Daniel trying to eat his spiderman icecream
Toes in the sand!!
My favorite place in the world!!
My bro-in-law unicycling on the deck of the hotel.. he's a lil nuts!!
Last night ... dinner by the bay!!
What a great summer..... But i have to say I'm so ready for it to be over.
Done with the bugs, done with the heat and AC, done with flipflops
I'm impatiently waiting on pumpkin patches and fallen leaves, chill in the air and hoodies, boots and fashionable hats and scarves...
I'm so ready for Fall!!!!
I'm back and ready to blog!!!
"I'm a better person then I was six months ago and I will be better then now six months in the future" I have been trying to live by this motto and I'm doing alright!!
Hope everyone had a happy eventful summer.....