Monday, January 14, 2013

Feeling New

New Start! Feeling good. Less Stressed. Still crazy busy but things are looking up. I haven't wrote on here in a while AND i missed it. It's weird I didn't even realize how much I missed it.
I feel like 2012 was a test for me. Very challenging but life changing. Getting a new job and promotion. I happen to LOVE where I work and I am so grateful for my job. I say 2012 was challenging and it was extremely stressful but it's like with anything you do life. Work Hard and you may reap the benefits. I worked hard in 2012 and with the start of 2013 I feel like I have set myself up with a fresh start. This feeling is slightly euphoric. I can't explain it and I can't categorize it singly under Happiness because this type of feeling is more Relief. Finally! The day has come where I have been able to gain the means to start taking certain responsibilities into my own hands and that in itself has me breathing more easily these days.
Putting my personal crap aside I have started this year with Goals!! Haha Yeah Goals! I don't think I have ever really made any real planning-on-keeping resolutions... like ever. Until this year. I have a few crazy out there seemingly impossible to accomplish goals and then I have the simple ones that involve doing a load of laundry everyday and cleaning the dishes before I go to bed each night,
Haha now that I think about it some of the simpler goals I've made seem more impossible then I thought. Now I will write the Traditional List of Resolutions

Exercise!! Everyday!! Maybe Bikini in the Future? BTW Never wore a Bikini before so this one is labeled impossible.. (I refuse to live with restrictions NOTHING is impossible!)
Do a Load of Laundry Everyday! This seems like the only way possible to keep the massive loads of dirty clothing downsized.
Never Go To Bed .. With a Dirty Sink! I just get so exhausted these days after working, then cooking, then cleaning and hanging out with my boys Damn It I just don't want to to have to do dishes. But I HATE the feeling of doing dishes first thing in the morning as well so My goal is set.
Save Save Save... Money that is! Be more smart. This one I'm already on top of!!
Be Creative!! I have to say I learned about my Crafty side this past year and realized I'm good at it. So is my Man. We do projects together. It's so nice to be Creative together. So i would like to collaborate more in The Yard/future Garden, the Kitchen ( He's great at putting different concoctions together and making them taste good) and in the House!
Seriously I do Not think These a very Hard to follow I think I can hack it.

Along with New years Resolutions New jobs. I'm Going to have a busy year with the LAOH now that I have been elected the new Financial Secretary! Go me. Means more work more responsibilities I'm ready though. AND excited!! So Now I better stop typing and get a move own. Mondays are my days off so I have a whole day of cleaning and laundry to get on top of!! until the Next!