Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Edition

Starting Spring off on somewhat of a bouncy step.
First just when I think I'm doing great, Luck is on my side and things are coming together.
And then the Lord Laughed and said "Oh she's got it too easy right we gotta keep her on her toes!"
with that being said I'm sitting on my couch Left leg in a brace, crutches at my side and fighting with insurance/ doctors about trying to get an MRI so I can see what my next plan of action is for my torn meniscus.
Tearing your cartilage is no fun at all. You know whats even more NOT fun? Being laid up with a four year old who just started Daycare. You know that feeling of pure dread when your realize your baby is all growed up. *sniff sniff* I call this Mommy Anxiety.
 My Lil Slug a Bug started his first day of daycare last week. It was kind of a blessing in disguise considering my injury and John having to work, it worked out perfectly.
 BUT I'm still in that "I can't believe my baby is in school" moment.
I mean the kid gets Homework every night!!!!
 I know this is great for him But .I was very concerned about how he would adapt. After speaking with his teacher today I feel better about his transition.
Only thing. Trying not to take every comment spoken as criticism. Meaning when the Teacher says     " well John has shown some signs of aggression" Don't think "OMG have I let him spend too much time in front of the TV?" If the Teacher says " He doesn't know how the spell his name by himself" Don't Think " If only I had been sitting there eight hours a day drilling it into his head he would know it by now."
Thinking like this will only cause more harm then good Because reality is We aren't perfect But as long as we are present and our children are happy and healthy... Well then everything else kinda just falls where it should.
We can't expect everything to be perfect but we can learn to go with the motions.
Despite all that has happend I'm still moving forward... haha slowly...but my family as a whole is finding our way in this crazy world and are hoping to keep on growing.