Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He Said It!!

Finally..... Lil slug a bug said it! The words were like music to my ears along with relief and excitement. He said..." Mommy, Mommy I gotta go potty!"   OMG!!! He finally told me when he had to go instead of just going in his pants. This time .. tonight.. He was in the tub. I went to go get some pajamas in the next room when he started screaming those exact words for me. I leaped for joy, ran down the hallway, scooped him up out of the water and placed him on the froggy potty. AND just like that.... He went poopy on the potty. 
Now I'm not saying he'll do the same tomorrow but tonight was a start right? 
For all the parents out there please tell me your secrets for potty training... it's been a long hard struggle for us. I tried everything in the book along with everything I read online and he was still hesitant. Back in the summer he was going and was doing great then he regressed. 
BUT onto new beginnings and hopefully an end in the near future of pullups and stinky messes.

So proud of you my little boy!! Keep up the good work.I know it's hard and very Scary but Mommy is with you for the long haul. I'll stand by you for every poop and pee you make and support all your efforts as we go through this stage in your life together!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Respecting Toys

How hard is it to play nicely and quietly. Well for my three year old its impossible! Most days I wake up and in the time it takes me to get breakfast together my house has become an all out war zone messed up with toy soldiers, cars, legos, and whatever else that was sitting at the bottom of the toy bin. It's exhausting picking up the toys just to turn my back and they are all over the place again. 
So its time for a lesson. This boy has to learn how to respect his things or I'm going to get so fed up and I'm going to take it all away. Our house is way too small for all the stuff we have accumulated. Organization is not one of my strong suits but I'm trying. In teaching my lil slug a bug about respect, it actually came to be very simple! HA we watched Toy Story 3! When the part where the daycare children leave for the day and the toys are all discombobulated because they weren't being "played with right," came on I paused it and told Johnny that it is probably how his toys feel when he is done playing with them. He pouted his lip and starting apologizing to all his toys. It was super cute But lessons don't always stick in a three year old's head but little reminders and making him help clean his toys up have started a process in his little brain. Play with something, be done with it, put it away! It's simple right???  I can only dream it stays simple.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coffee Cake in a MUG?!!?

Tonight I was going to be brave and attempt homemade cinnamon rolls. So I went to Pinterest and starting searching for a new recipe. Instead I found this recipe and as soon as I was done reading it I rushed to the kitchen to make myself and my man of course a treat!!

Cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, and flour, what a magnificent treat. Delicious and simple!

First Get yourself a Mug!

Add 1 tablespoon of softened butter.

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar, mix up until fluffy,

Add half a beaten egg, 1/4 cup of flour, 1/8 tsp baking powder
 I made the crumb topping with tablespoon of flour, 1tablespoon softened butter, 1 tablespoon brown sugar smushed together with my fingers to make the crumbles, Add on top of cake batter and microwave for 1minute. If it doesn't seem done microwave using ten second intervals.
Doesn't look like much but it is the perfect portion and delicious!

For St. Hubert's Brown and Gold!......

If anyone lives in the Philadelphia or surrounding areas then you may be one of the many who have been affected by the recent decision to close multiple catholic schools.My Alma Mater was one of the schools selected to finish off the year, close its door and never  be opened again. This is such sad news to many girls and women that go and have gone to St. Hubert's for the last 70 years! It is a building that holds remarkable history and is a staple to the community surrounding by it.

Throughout my four years of high school I learned how to be a kid and have fun. I learned how to be responsible and respect guidelines. I became involved with extracurricular activities. I was into theater and drama club. Yearbook, literary magazines and dance committees. I did it all!! I had the time of my life! Seriously High school for me was very precious and it was because of the girls i became friends with, the girls I'm still friends with today and the community that impacted my life everyday. 
I moved out of my childhood neighborhood when getting pregnant. For some reason you just think that your Home will always be there. When the news of the closings became public Is when reality sunk in. It's a sign of the times. 

BUT.... I am proud to say I'm a Bambi!!
Out of all the schools selected to close I have on;y seen news stories and events popping up all over the city to help save our school. The website Savehuberts.com has been set up to help network and get the word out there. So far the women, girls and volunteers galore have been working their little tails off to raise money, $466,000  and counting!! I'm proud to say I'm a Bambi Always and Forever. 
If anyone who is reading this has any desire to help out, you can go to the web link and find a way.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Are you there God?.. You know who this is.

God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things that I can
and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Please Dear Lord give me guidance and patience
Let me see the light and help me to make the right and best decision for my family.

It's been a hard couple days. Stressed, tired of being stressed.
I'm sad and I'm so tired of being sad.
Most of all though, I'm tired of people noticing that I'm sad and stressed and calling me out on it as well.
I distance myself from all the people who would be there for me in a heartbeat. I'm sorry to those people but i need to figure this all out on my own.
I don't want to give up!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Tonight I was making dinner and of course ran into a increasingly more common issue......... No roll for dinner.
 "Say No More!!!", I said 
I can make biscuits! and this time it has too work.
Well IT DID!
ANd not only did they just come out good.... but perfect!
So delicious I was impressed! I found this recipe HERE and I conquered my
 bread making fear!!! Yay

My Beautiful dinner rolls!!

I had made Chicken and mushroom something. I Had boneless skinless chicken an i had some mushrooms along with cream of mushroom soup and a can of diced carrots and peas a little minced garlic and onion All mixed up and baked in the oven for 45 mins. 

I made some chicken and broccoli flavored rice packet and wallah! dinner!

 AND........ this is what happens when Mommy is experimenting in the kitchen trying to make dinner.
 Dinner was scrumptious for being so spontaneous.


Just thought I'd share my success story for bread making.
 I'm so Happy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Italian Bread

What went wrong??
I have no idea but after baking the bread I soon realized that it was not supposed to turn out the way it did.
It was way too dense and heavy.
Maybe my kitchen was too cold to let the bread rise.
Maybe I didn't knead it enough.
Maybe I kneaded it too much.
Well anyway my first attempt at baking bread was a failure, unfortunately.
Any bakers out there??? Any advice??

Short Story:
It was Pasta night, the deli had closed already, I had no bread!!!!!
*sound the sirens*  For some reason we can not have pasta and sauce without bread or grated cheese. We are a family who is very stuck in our ways with our favorite meals. Haha Hamburger Helper, love it. This was the first meal John ever made for me! It has been a staple in our home since. Add a little fresh garlic and dried parsley and basil, ground meat and the box.. your good to go. Anyway so I had no bread for this night. "Thats fine" I said to myself. " I can make my own" I thought. So I did. And everything went wrong. I'm so sad. I want to start baking or many reasons, one being to save money. By making my own bread and tortillas is cheaper and healthier for my family's lifestyle. I want to go back to the most simple of times. Being able to be efficient on my own. Learn the traits and skills that were common knowledge to our ancestors. Does that sound weird. I don't know for some reason I feel that they are easy simple things about sewing, cooking,baking, gardening, and  homemaking. 
But I guess last pasta night was not my night for bread making. Next I'm going to try American Sandwich bread. From This Girl!! 
Didn't really looked baked enough I guess .. maybe.. Oh I dunno!!!
Hamburger Helper when done!
I tried it out anyway. Very chewy. HA

Bread recipe From Here!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have you Heard?.....

Saturday ... is my fun day. Well this week anyway. My fund days change from week to week.
I took a small trip to the makeup store ULTA today. Ok! First I couldn't believe I never heard of it and second I couldn't believe I had never been there before. I'm officially obsessed! My mom had given me a gift card for Christmas and today was my day to cash in!
Well it wasn't all great I did have to bring along my three old little boy who only wants to run and throw things and go crazy over all the colors of the makeup which are just so easily accessible to his little grabby hands. I was getting a little frustrated .. well a lot frustrated. I know I can't help the way my kid acts but I can never get past the stares and annoying looks. I'm working on my tolerance and patience, I say it still takes time. Thank goodness for my dear friend. After repeatedly telling/asking/screaming at Johnny to just stick by my side without running off and getting more aggravated than necessary. I picked up that little boy and put him in the car while I went back into the store to be able to gather my purchases and head on out of there. I'm realizing why online shopping is such a trend these days. Makeup and expensive perfumes are not for children ... Lesson learned!!

Anyway after all the aggravation, I paid for my things with great satisfaction. My sister had gotten me and new makeup kit that had everything in it ready to go except mascara. So i got myself some new mascara. I needed body lotion, checked that off the list. I was able to get Nivea Happy sensation daily lotion for three bucks!! I have also been in dire need of new nail polish and it just so happened to be a buy two get two free sale on all ulta cosmetics from brushes to lip stains EVERYTHING on sale.... I was in love. So I was able to get two new nail polish for free! I also got those salon Nail effect sticker things from Sally Henson. I'm so digging them. Two reasons why (1 they don't chip and (2 they help my nails grow. I have a horrible habit of biting my nails and my hands are looking terrible. But not for LONG!!!! ..... I'm going to pamper myself from now on. Feeling pretty makes me Happy so therefore I will satisfy any pretty need I may have.

Now all I have to do is try and declutter my house and my mind can finally be at ease.
Happy Saturday All!!
My Pinterest! See what I got from Ulta

Friday, January 6, 2012


SO it's a new year and I vow to be a new ME!..
In the past couple of months I have distanced myself from most friends and even family. Except for the holidays I've kept basically to myself.  See a few months back right after Thanksgiving and my Johnny's third birthday! (Yes I have a three year old so crazy.... ! ) Well my cousin passed away. I haven't had someone close to me and at such a young age pass on. I think I took it a lot harder than I ever expected. You see at first I thought I was just super sad because I hated seeing my family hurting. My cousin's birthday was right after Christmas He would have been 30. He was taken from us too young and now I will never get the chance to get to know him as the grownups we've all become. He"s so deeply missed.
I don't know If it was his death that triggered months (it feels like anyway) of deep depression. Or the fact that these were the toughest holidays I had to endure since I was five. No jobs make it hard to afford the good and cheery things in life. The lack of finances have only sparked major drama and fighting between me and my man. I guess once one thing gets ya down it gets increasingly harder to pick yourself back up.
I have neglected all things that make me happy except for my son. I stayed in the game for him. Taking him to playgroup, the library and visiting friends. He's such a good little boy and so smart that it hurt me so bad to realize that how feel affects him. One day I was crying so hard I couldn't top or control myself until Johnny came in the room carrying his guitar. He sat in a chair looked at me and said "I make you happy mommy!" and he started jamming away making up his own music sounds. Wow the mixed emotions that overwhelmed me was insane. (1 I hated what I've become and how i let myself act in front of my son. (2 I hated that he felt like he had to make me happy when I should be making all of his days be filled with joy not my own self pity.

I realized that since I can't afford therapy that I should go back to my roots. So for a little history.....
My first year away at college was when I experienced my first serious bouts of depression. I guess change for me is hard to process. The only way I survived was listen to my headphones and writing in my journal. It's like music has the best way to describe my feelings and angst that floats around in my head. It calms my nerves and helps numb the pain. The tears desist and I start feeling better. Well when I had Johnny and went through my postpartum I never got back into my music and now three years later I'm suffering once again but this time I found the website Pandora. Oh yeah I can listen to all the music I used to when I was a kid plus new stuff but it takes me back to that feeling of "everything always gets better " it has too right??... On;y thing left missing was my journal That is where my blog comes in. I've neglected this blog just like everything else. No more I say. I need a change and I need to smile and be happy. I forget what hat feels like.

Not to mention all this sadness has ultimately affected my relationship with my boyfriend. I need to fix myself and then I can work on us.I miss him!!

So a song that inspired me to write this post is from Paramore. Hallelujah!

I'm not afraid to be myself on here anymore. I can't hold back and I have no other outlet So i'm back in the game and i'm coming on full and strong.