Thursday, March 31, 2011

My 1st time!

So this is my very first time participating in a giveaway. I have to say its a little exhausting but i guess if you win it pays off! well here i am participating in the giveaway from Kristi Hoskins Gifts. Her blog .... awesome love having new blogs to follow and her gifts??? Amazing! Love the crochet bows and cowl neck scarfs in all colors! I wish i had skills like her! OKAY! so here we go  lets hope i win.............  But if not Congrats to whatever lucky lady does win!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday already?

It's tuesday already?? AW MAN! I guess that means I should start being productive. It's really really hard when I can't seem to get better at all! I can't go one week without feeling sick. Sunday was my nephews baptism and it was a beautiful day for blessing the babies. Family and friends all gathered at my sister's house and we ate, mingled and even had a surprise visit from my cousin Pat and his wife Maureen and their two children including their newest edition, baby John. They moved to Florida a few years ago and I haven't yet to meet the baby, so that was exciting. The day ended and I had become so congested and miserable that I was sure I wasn't going to survive the night. Thank god for liquid cough medicine ( the drowsy kind)..... I passed out and was still hazy waking up Monday morning. Hence the lack of being productive.
Also I've been trying to do things after i put the Lil boy to bed, but lately it seems that my precious needs to play around for an hour or so before falling asleep. Every night i put Johnny to bed and I lay down with him till he falls asleep but like i said it's been getting more frustrating for me. I can't get things done that i specifically wait to do until the kid is asleep. Because there is very slim chance I can succeed in doing anything when He is so observant and eager to "help mommy" He's too adorable so i usually trade my craft for a more suitable toddler like activity.
Hopefully tonight will be different. I am spending the time now to blog and surf the net because the lil one is way too involved with his cars and trunks, Daddy is sleeping on the couch, and mommy actually has some time to do whatever I like and that is writing this post and continue reading my new book, Sugar Snaps and STrawberries, By Andrea Bellamy, my new gardening book for small urban spaces. I'm educating myself now so I can start my garden in a week or two. Everyone wish my Luck, I'll keep ya's posted. (Once i find my camera, still frustrated by the loss of my nikon)
Onto to other things. My significant other had discussed something with me today that not only caught me off guard becuase it came from his mouth but impressed me and then made me feel guilty for not have already done this. John said earlier that I should start making a schedule for everyday with the baby. Kinda how preschools and daycare centers do. Having Story time and numbers time and lego time. lunch time, nap time, craft time, cartoon time, outside time? I think this is the best idea my boyfriend has ever come up with. Seriously I know most of you would say, "Duh! of course a schedule would make for better living" I never thought of it. I thought we had a good schedule but i have to keep remembering I don't have a baby anymore I have a toddler! Who needs to explore and discover and learn and run! I think I will love our new routine. Like John said it will give us new structure and also ultimately help discipline our son. Who ever thought i made a mistake when I got serious with my man was Wrong, because he is amazing and never ceases to surprise me with new ideas and plans and opinions. Plus he is a great Daddy to our little boy and that is one of   the reasons I fall weak in the knees on a daily basis (just watching him be daddy and connect with our son).

Ok i believe I may be rambling, so I'am going to attempt putting my son to sleep without falling asleep myself, that way I can have some time to get things done. and I Pray to St. Anthony to help me find my camera!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Saturday!

YAY Saturday! All though I'm starting to feel all crappy again (i'm hoping it's just allergies) but in case not I already to some congestion medicine and I'm hoping I can kill whatever it is before it really even starts.
Haha on that note..... I ran some errands today and came back to the house hoping to regain some energy to get to work on my disastrous house that I now really believe is impossible to keep clean. IMPOSSIBLE! Like I clean and will have the whole house looking nice and neat and even smelling wonderful, but with a two year old as destructive as mine and a boyfriend who is either working or sleeping this house is pretty much a constant mess. and since it been soo beautiful out this week We just had to get out and enjoy the weather. I know I know i'm constantly complaining about my mess. But the sooner i clean the sooner i have a spot to do my DIY decorations for my sisters bridal shower. The sooner i clean the sooner i can find my camera to take wonderful pictures of all my crafts. It's a tangled web i weave. (it's that the saying, Ha) So can you see my dilemma?

So to cleaning i go... Also i researched the perfect favor for my sister's shower I found a website called Amazing!!! Awesome Ideas I'm gonna try these wedding cake pops!
Aren't they so cute! I can't wait to see how i do with trying these out!
I'll let you know!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My latest adventures

It never ends. Life that is. and my lack of motivation is probably the only thing that has inspired me to write a post. I haven't in a couple days, wow since before the weekend! Oh Boy what a weekend it was. Unfortunately i have currently misplace my camera and was not able to take any pictures this past weekend. Booooo ... i know. Friday was my cousins b-day so me and my sister took her out for a much needed Mexican feast where we made the waiters sing and embarrass my poor 30yr old cousin! yes she just turned thirty!!! Also the singing had scared the wits out of poor lil johnny, and baby Lucas slept through it all!
Saturday was a day of fun too. We celebrated the same cousins birthday, only this time it was a big surprise at Maggiano's restaurant. YUMMY! It was so delicious and a great time had by all. ( apparently its becoming a tradition to do big dinners for our big 3 0's)
Sunday was the funnest of them all!! It was the annual Philadelphia St Patrick's Day Parade! We drank, we waited, we searched for bathrooms in the city, we marched, we drank, we partied, AND I won a basket of cheer from our door prizes!!!! that was exciting for me. Lots of Wine!!!! haha the hubby was impressed i hadn't dug into it already. Partly because it's still in my moms car, I was not carrying that all the way home via public transportation! So needless to say when Monday rolled around I crashed and burned, meaning i slept all day! My friends thought i died. I turned my phone off set up camp on the living room floor ( so you know i'm close to the action "just in case" you never know with a two yr old boy) and worshiped the sleep gods! So on Tuesday I was all sorts of screwed up with date and time. Now its thursday and I'm feeling so blah. I basically cleaned for the last two days and since it was gorgeous out yest. the hubs took me and lil slug a bug for a ride on the T-rex. We go back to the river and go puddle hunting and then ride through them and get all dirty. ( i swear we live like city red necks) But it was so much fun! The baby boy was like the little pig on the commercial that won't stop "" yeah that was johnny.
anyway so since the first weekend of activities is done and over with time to move on to the rest of the months events. My goals for today! make menu and grocery lists or my sister's bridal shower! thats still on the DL, even though my mother is nuts and almost blew it. Thanky ou Aunt Loraine for saving the day and my mother's butt. So until next time Adios!

                                                        Parade Day! thats me front and center!!
coming soon pictures of my DIY decorations for the Shower!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

frustrations and lil about me!

I'm really trying here. I'm trying to be an awesome blogger but everything seems to frustrate me. Like pictures i can only get my old pictures up not any new ones that I've purposely been taking so i can post them. Arrghhhh!
not too mention i do everything ass backwards because thats how i earn how to do anything that comes to the computer. I'm so not technical savvy if you haven't noticed. But i'm trying.

Anyway I've been noticing that my son does not like to stay clothed anymore and randomly ends up pants less running around the house. And he is becoming the pickiest eater I've ever known which I don't understand. Since he started to eat real food I purposely introduced him to certain fruits and veggies and different spices so he wouldn't end up being a picky eater. I guess it doesn't matter how hard you try a phase is a phase i guess. But I'm determined to get him to eat again so I won't give up! He'll discover how much he loves apples and blueberries again. I'm almost sure of it!............................. on a side note He did eat almost a whole container of fresh kiwi two days ago so I guess I'm only complaining because today was a tough one.

OK since I never really introduced my family and since only my old pictures will upload I'll take this time to introduce us with pictures and recap the last two years. WOW it's been over two years now. Time FLys

                             Hello! We are the NJ's (informally)

This is My Love! Mr. SLugger! 
small story: We met one mid-September night in 2007. We were both out at a club dancing
and ending up dancing with each other! It was fate, I firmly believe. Most people think you
can't Find something real out at a bar or club but I did. It was the most random meet cute I've ever encountered. So no lie we started dancing  and getting crazy and He bites me! Swear! On my neck too. Haha i must have liked it because we have been together ever since!!  I know, We once were WILD!! 
So this Is my man and I couldn't be any luckier!
(picture was last Valentines Day present, he took it and then hacked into all the electronics and put this picture up for everything!!)

This is my Lil Slug a bug, Johnny!
He's my reason for living. RIght before he came my world was crashing around me. He was a blessing from God, telling me that i had something to live for! I found my calling and it was becoming a mother and taking care of a family. I've never been happier with my life than I am right now. More frustrated and stressed then ever but I guess it just comes with the territory huh?

We are a a Catholic Family!
well I am  Irish Catholic while my boyfriend is polish (baptized Presbyterian) He has never followed a religion while i grew up going to catholic school, church, and CYO events. So needless to say our son was baptized a Roman Catholic and I will do my best to teach him the word. Happy Ash Wensday all btw!
The God- Parents
My sister Meggie and one of my BFF's, Crusco.

I grew up the youngest out of three. All girls! I love my sisters. We have been through a lot in our lives and they helped raise me into the woman I am today. We may have our differences but we never stay to far away from eachother.

And this is our newest edition to the ever growing family. 
This is Lucas! Meggie's newest baby boy.
Our poor Lucas was born with a cleft lip and palette. He is now going on two months! At first we all received this information with shock. I'll save his story for another post But He's a beautiful little boy and is having his first surgery in a little over a month so plenty of prayers please!

My Dad!
The best man in the world!
He might not have been there for me everyday of my life but my father never let his girls go without. He loves us and would do anything for us, still does to this day! He's the type of man that still slips me $60 here and there and when i try to argue He ignores me, typical! But I Love Him and i thank my mother and my father for being the best of friends even though they couldn't make their marriage work. Today they honestly act like BFF's It makes for a wonderful family!

Me and Her are probably the most similar out of the whole family. I'm her baby! We still bicker and argue but she's my best friend and mentor! Without her I wouldn't have survived the last few years. When they talk about becoming a new mom and you constantly are calling your own mother for help, Yeah that was me, still IS!

I guess thats it for tonight I'll save the rest for another time, goodnight all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am so sleepy and it's only Tuesday. I woke up this morning to the little one escaping downstairs, Only for Mommy to find him helping himself to the box of donuts that i had stopped to get for Daddy last night. He is too adorable, sometimes.

I went to my first officer's meeting last night and it was a Success! My mother even told me she's proud of how I became a "good officer". This is only after a year of telling me how and what to do when it came to the LAOH, i knew I'd prove her wrong. I guess she thought I wasn't going to take it seriously which is my own persona issue with my mother. She still thinks I'm a baby, I guess I can't be mad.

Now onto my day and my neverending list of chores. laundry, vacuum, bedrooms............. it' all clothes i need a bigger house so I can it everything in a nice organized place. I better gets to cleaning, I won't have much time coming up. So work hard this week and I can keep up on it all so much easier.
Have a great day!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today Starts the stressful month long events!

Starting today I am in for a long haul of stressful days of party planning, LAOH events and wedding galore! Yes My sister is getting married! We have all known this BUT the planning is slowly but surely coming to an end and all the fantabulous events are going to start taking place. I'm so excited to get these festivities underway but first i still have lots of planning and other social events to keep me busy along the way. Tonight i have an LAOH officers meeting. LAOH stands for (Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians) Short for an Irish Catholic Organization. I have just recently been installed as the Mistress at Arms, I'm an officer! I love being part of this group. First its amazing to be around women that express the same interests as you and second, I love being part of helping people. We do a lot of charity work and fundraising. It's kinda like being in a "big girl" girlscouts group! Anyway so I have the meeting tonight which is only at my mom's thank god (reason being because my  mom is President! haha) so not a far travel.  Later this week I have an LAOH luncheon to attend, Certain members are being honored. And since this month is St. Patty's Day we have a lot of planning and organizing to keep up on. We march in the Philadelphia St. Patrick"s Day Parade every year and this year will actually be my very first time and i can't wait. Wow i'm exhausted just thinking and writing everything i have to do. SO this Sunday is the parade! I will be sure to take pictures and post them all no worries! (i dunno who i'm showing but eventually people will want to know me, I believe).........
OK on my mind right now is............ a B-day present for my cousin. She's turning 30!!! what do u get a single 30 yr old who needs absolutely nothing???? i have no clue I got all week to think. I guess. But the fun part is an early dinner at Maggiano's (love that place) on sat. Sooooooooooo between thinking, planning, thinking, cleaning and taking care of the boy Im going to be one tired Gal come next monday.

Onto other things that have been on my mind. My Dad, I love my dad I don't get to see him or talk to him as much as i'd like but today him and my sister, Meggie and Baby Lucas came and picked me and johnny up and we went out to lunch Thanks to pop-pop! Johnny loves seeing his pop-pop. He got so excited when i said he was coming for us It was probably the best moment of the day Next time i need to get pictures!

I keep realizing that I suck at blogging. I'm trying to get better and I get very inspired by other blogs but i'm still new at this and sometimes i get overwhelmed and vouch to just write down whats in my head instead of trying to decorate or revise my settings or update my "About me". But starting this blog has helped me organize my life a little better so I'm still in love with this bloggy world ( Be My Friend) lol

So if anyone i reading this and has any suggestions to vamping up my blog I'm All Ears!!........ Till Later, Adios!

Friday, March 4, 2011

So many thoughts so little time

So i have been sick, tired, stress, and lack any energy whatsoever. Which leads to the reason why i have not written anything down in weeks. I wanted to, i kept thinking of perfect posts to write down but I'd sit in front of the computer and I couldn't think of anything or have the energy to type it up. But today, finally today, i am feeling better well tonight i'm feeling better. Me and the boy got very sick this past week and as horrible as i felt and cried and complained and bitched and moaned about how horribly achy and sick i was, my precious lil slug a bug spent a whole day not moving. He just laid with me and cuddled and slept all day. He was so good too. It's like he knew he was sick and wanted to be taken care of so he stayed being a good boy. I personally think he just didn't have the energy to be bad. HaHa Only say that because the next day i found myself not being able to raise my voice (from still being sick and cranky) to yell at him for various things. Then i thought "i guess he's feeling better" And indeed he was because his "bouncing of the wall skills" were in full force. That only meant one thing, Daddy had to take care of the boy and continue to take care of me while i again bitched moaned and cried for days. I'm a horrible sick person. I always feel bad for my slugabug when he has to take care of us sickies. But he's a champ and a sweet one at that. He goes to the store and picks up anything i need ( regardless of what i really asked for, he gets the complete opposite but he tried right?) He makes me soup! or gets someone else too ha! He loves me no matter how bad i look or smell. No matter how many tissues i build up next to my parked ass on the couch. He loves me no matter how many times i woke him up with my horrible cough or my horrible moans of pain. I love that i have someone to take care of me and my son when i am feeling like the shittiest of the shitty..........................
In other news Today was actually quite productive. I called a seamstress for my bridesmaid dress, reasonably priced, close to my house, and such an incredibly sweet woman! I got invitations written, stamped AND in the mailbox already oh yeah! I'm on a roll................. Oh and the highlight of my day of why i feel so accomplished, I actually wrote everything down that i have to do in the next month or so on a calendar which i realized makes my life a whole lot easier to manage. I used to always live my life by a planner i kept in my purse at all times but since having the little one my bag was getting too heavy with diapers and whatnot so i retired my old planner and have been lost since. SO today i discovered that my computer has a calender on it!! Aren't you all proud that after how many years i jut now discovered this. But better late than never and i finally feel organized in my thoughts and maybe all these headaches i keep getting will stop!.... so onto the rest of the things that still linger on my to do list.....
- Have to find a dress or two OR a fancy outfit for Rehearsal dinner and bachorlette party!!! (yay i know such a horrible task, its prob the only one i'm really looking forward too, Shopping!)
- Get a menu together
- clean house, Tastefully Simple Demo (love these) coming up which means people coming over and cannot see my house in the disarray it is in right now. (since being sick for like ever my house is a permanent disaster zone)
- Get in St. Patty's Mood!!!.............. Parade is coming up in a week or so. This will be my first parade marching as an LAOH member and i'm excited! Should be lots of fun!
- Get B-day present for my cousin She's turning 30!!!
- Also must refresh my wedding mood, since a lot of it is turning into stress i want to be happy and excited for my sister during these moments, not frustrated and annoyed at other family members.
I do believe I got everything if not i can just check my trusty new calendar haha!
I'm going to start taking pictures of everything too so i can make post about all my events it will be cool to have this to look back on i think. ok my thoughts are dwindling and my eyes are sleepy. Night!