Wednesday, March 9, 2011

frustrations and lil about me!

I'm really trying here. I'm trying to be an awesome blogger but everything seems to frustrate me. Like pictures i can only get my old pictures up not any new ones that I've purposely been taking so i can post them. Arrghhhh!
not too mention i do everything ass backwards because thats how i earn how to do anything that comes to the computer. I'm so not technical savvy if you haven't noticed. But i'm trying.

Anyway I've been noticing that my son does not like to stay clothed anymore and randomly ends up pants less running around the house. And he is becoming the pickiest eater I've ever known which I don't understand. Since he started to eat real food I purposely introduced him to certain fruits and veggies and different spices so he wouldn't end up being a picky eater. I guess it doesn't matter how hard you try a phase is a phase i guess. But I'm determined to get him to eat again so I won't give up! He'll discover how much he loves apples and blueberries again. I'm almost sure of it!............................. on a side note He did eat almost a whole container of fresh kiwi two days ago so I guess I'm only complaining because today was a tough one.

OK since I never really introduced my family and since only my old pictures will upload I'll take this time to introduce us with pictures and recap the last two years. WOW it's been over two years now. Time FLys

                             Hello! We are the NJ's (informally)

This is My Love! Mr. SLugger! 
small story: We met one mid-September night in 2007. We were both out at a club dancing
and ending up dancing with each other! It was fate, I firmly believe. Most people think you
can't Find something real out at a bar or club but I did. It was the most random meet cute I've ever encountered. So no lie we started dancing  and getting crazy and He bites me! Swear! On my neck too. Haha i must have liked it because we have been together ever since!!  I know, We once were WILD!! 
So this Is my man and I couldn't be any luckier!
(picture was last Valentines Day present, he took it and then hacked into all the electronics and put this picture up for everything!!)

This is my Lil Slug a bug, Johnny!
He's my reason for living. RIght before he came my world was crashing around me. He was a blessing from God, telling me that i had something to live for! I found my calling and it was becoming a mother and taking care of a family. I've never been happier with my life than I am right now. More frustrated and stressed then ever but I guess it just comes with the territory huh?

We are a a Catholic Family!
well I am  Irish Catholic while my boyfriend is polish (baptized Presbyterian) He has never followed a religion while i grew up going to catholic school, church, and CYO events. So needless to say our son was baptized a Roman Catholic and I will do my best to teach him the word. Happy Ash Wensday all btw!
The God- Parents
My sister Meggie and one of my BFF's, Crusco.

I grew up the youngest out of three. All girls! I love my sisters. We have been through a lot in our lives and they helped raise me into the woman I am today. We may have our differences but we never stay to far away from eachother.

And this is our newest edition to the ever growing family. 
This is Lucas! Meggie's newest baby boy.
Our poor Lucas was born with a cleft lip and palette. He is now going on two months! At first we all received this information with shock. I'll save his story for another post But He's a beautiful little boy and is having his first surgery in a little over a month so plenty of prayers please!

My Dad!
The best man in the world!
He might not have been there for me everyday of my life but my father never let his girls go without. He loves us and would do anything for us, still does to this day! He's the type of man that still slips me $60 here and there and when i try to argue He ignores me, typical! But I Love Him and i thank my mother and my father for being the best of friends even though they couldn't make their marriage work. Today they honestly act like BFF's It makes for a wonderful family!

Me and Her are probably the most similar out of the whole family. I'm her baby! We still bicker and argue but she's my best friend and mentor! Without her I wouldn't have survived the last few years. When they talk about becoming a new mom and you constantly are calling your own mother for help, Yeah that was me, still IS!

I guess thats it for tonight I'll save the rest for another time, goodnight all!

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