Monday, March 7, 2011

Today Starts the stressful month long events!

Starting today I am in for a long haul of stressful days of party planning, LAOH events and wedding galore! Yes My sister is getting married! We have all known this BUT the planning is slowly but surely coming to an end and all the fantabulous events are going to start taking place. I'm so excited to get these festivities underway but first i still have lots of planning and other social events to keep me busy along the way. Tonight i have an LAOH officers meeting. LAOH stands for (Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians) Short for an Irish Catholic Organization. I have just recently been installed as the Mistress at Arms, I'm an officer! I love being part of this group. First its amazing to be around women that express the same interests as you and second, I love being part of helping people. We do a lot of charity work and fundraising. It's kinda like being in a "big girl" girlscouts group! Anyway so I have the meeting tonight which is only at my mom's thank god (reason being because my  mom is President! haha) so not a far travel.  Later this week I have an LAOH luncheon to attend, Certain members are being honored. And since this month is St. Patty's Day we have a lot of planning and organizing to keep up on. We march in the Philadelphia St. Patrick"s Day Parade every year and this year will actually be my very first time and i can't wait. Wow i'm exhausted just thinking and writing everything i have to do. SO this Sunday is the parade! I will be sure to take pictures and post them all no worries! (i dunno who i'm showing but eventually people will want to know me, I believe).........
OK on my mind right now is............ a B-day present for my cousin. She's turning 30!!! what do u get a single 30 yr old who needs absolutely nothing???? i have no clue I got all week to think. I guess. But the fun part is an early dinner at Maggiano's (love that place) on sat. Sooooooooooo between thinking, planning, thinking, cleaning and taking care of the boy Im going to be one tired Gal come next monday.

Onto other things that have been on my mind. My Dad, I love my dad I don't get to see him or talk to him as much as i'd like but today him and my sister, Meggie and Baby Lucas came and picked me and johnny up and we went out to lunch Thanks to pop-pop! Johnny loves seeing his pop-pop. He got so excited when i said he was coming for us It was probably the best moment of the day Next time i need to get pictures!

I keep realizing that I suck at blogging. I'm trying to get better and I get very inspired by other blogs but i'm still new at this and sometimes i get overwhelmed and vouch to just write down whats in my head instead of trying to decorate or revise my settings or update my "About me". But starting this blog has helped me organize my life a little better so I'm still in love with this bloggy world ( Be My Friend) lol

So if anyone i reading this and has any suggestions to vamping up my blog I'm All Ears!!........ Till Later, Adios!

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