Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday already?

It's tuesday already?? AW MAN! I guess that means I should start being productive. It's really really hard when I can't seem to get better at all! I can't go one week without feeling sick. Sunday was my nephews baptism and it was a beautiful day for blessing the babies. Family and friends all gathered at my sister's house and we ate, mingled and even had a surprise visit from my cousin Pat and his wife Maureen and their two children including their newest edition, baby John. They moved to Florida a few years ago and I haven't yet to meet the baby, so that was exciting. The day ended and I had become so congested and miserable that I was sure I wasn't going to survive the night. Thank god for liquid cough medicine ( the drowsy kind)..... I passed out and was still hazy waking up Monday morning. Hence the lack of being productive.
Also I've been trying to do things after i put the Lil boy to bed, but lately it seems that my precious needs to play around for an hour or so before falling asleep. Every night i put Johnny to bed and I lay down with him till he falls asleep but like i said it's been getting more frustrating for me. I can't get things done that i specifically wait to do until the kid is asleep. Because there is very slim chance I can succeed in doing anything when He is so observant and eager to "help mommy" He's too adorable so i usually trade my craft for a more suitable toddler like activity.
Hopefully tonight will be different. I am spending the time now to blog and surf the net because the lil one is way too involved with his cars and trunks, Daddy is sleeping on the couch, and mommy actually has some time to do whatever I like and that is writing this post and continue reading my new book, Sugar Snaps and STrawberries, By Andrea Bellamy, my new gardening book for small urban spaces. I'm educating myself now so I can start my garden in a week or two. Everyone wish my Luck, I'll keep ya's posted. (Once i find my camera, still frustrated by the loss of my nikon)
Onto to other things. My significant other had discussed something with me today that not only caught me off guard becuase it came from his mouth but impressed me and then made me feel guilty for not have already done this. John said earlier that I should start making a schedule for everyday with the baby. Kinda how preschools and daycare centers do. Having Story time and numbers time and lego time. lunch time, nap time, craft time, cartoon time, outside time? I think this is the best idea my boyfriend has ever come up with. Seriously I know most of you would say, "Duh! of course a schedule would make for better living" I never thought of it. I thought we had a good schedule but i have to keep remembering I don't have a baby anymore I have a toddler! Who needs to explore and discover and learn and run! I think I will love our new routine. Like John said it will give us new structure and also ultimately help discipline our son. Who ever thought i made a mistake when I got serious with my man was Wrong, because he is amazing and never ceases to surprise me with new ideas and plans and opinions. Plus he is a great Daddy to our little boy and that is one of   the reasons I fall weak in the knees on a daily basis (just watching him be daddy and connect with our son).

Ok i believe I may be rambling, so I'am going to attempt putting my son to sleep without falling asleep myself, that way I can have some time to get things done. and I Pray to St. Anthony to help me find my camera!

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