Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am so sleepy and it's only Tuesday. I woke up this morning to the little one escaping downstairs, Only for Mommy to find him helping himself to the box of donuts that i had stopped to get for Daddy last night. He is too adorable, sometimes.

I went to my first officer's meeting last night and it was a Success! My mother even told me she's proud of how I became a "good officer". This is only after a year of telling me how and what to do when it came to the LAOH, i knew I'd prove her wrong. I guess she thought I wasn't going to take it seriously which is my own persona issue with my mother. She still thinks I'm a baby, I guess I can't be mad.

Now onto my day and my neverending list of chores. laundry, vacuum, bedrooms............. it' all clothes i need a bigger house so I can it everything in a nice organized place. I better gets to cleaning, I won't have much time coming up. So work hard this week and I can keep up on it all so much easier.
Have a great day!!!

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