Friday, March 4, 2011

So many thoughts so little time

So i have been sick, tired, stress, and lack any energy whatsoever. Which leads to the reason why i have not written anything down in weeks. I wanted to, i kept thinking of perfect posts to write down but I'd sit in front of the computer and I couldn't think of anything or have the energy to type it up. But today, finally today, i am feeling better well tonight i'm feeling better. Me and the boy got very sick this past week and as horrible as i felt and cried and complained and bitched and moaned about how horribly achy and sick i was, my precious lil slug a bug spent a whole day not moving. He just laid with me and cuddled and slept all day. He was so good too. It's like he knew he was sick and wanted to be taken care of so he stayed being a good boy. I personally think he just didn't have the energy to be bad. HaHa Only say that because the next day i found myself not being able to raise my voice (from still being sick and cranky) to yell at him for various things. Then i thought "i guess he's feeling better" And indeed he was because his "bouncing of the wall skills" were in full force. That only meant one thing, Daddy had to take care of the boy and continue to take care of me while i again bitched moaned and cried for days. I'm a horrible sick person. I always feel bad for my slugabug when he has to take care of us sickies. But he's a champ and a sweet one at that. He goes to the store and picks up anything i need ( regardless of what i really asked for, he gets the complete opposite but he tried right?) He makes me soup! or gets someone else too ha! He loves me no matter how bad i look or smell. No matter how many tissues i build up next to my parked ass on the couch. He loves me no matter how many times i woke him up with my horrible cough or my horrible moans of pain. I love that i have someone to take care of me and my son when i am feeling like the shittiest of the shitty..........................
In other news Today was actually quite productive. I called a seamstress for my bridesmaid dress, reasonably priced, close to my house, and such an incredibly sweet woman! I got invitations written, stamped AND in the mailbox already oh yeah! I'm on a roll................. Oh and the highlight of my day of why i feel so accomplished, I actually wrote everything down that i have to do in the next month or so on a calendar which i realized makes my life a whole lot easier to manage. I used to always live my life by a planner i kept in my purse at all times but since having the little one my bag was getting too heavy with diapers and whatnot so i retired my old planner and have been lost since. SO today i discovered that my computer has a calender on it!! Aren't you all proud that after how many years i jut now discovered this. But better late than never and i finally feel organized in my thoughts and maybe all these headaches i keep getting will stop!.... so onto the rest of the things that still linger on my to do list.....
- Have to find a dress or two OR a fancy outfit for Rehearsal dinner and bachorlette party!!! (yay i know such a horrible task, its prob the only one i'm really looking forward too, Shopping!)
- Get a menu together
- clean house, Tastefully Simple Demo (love these) coming up which means people coming over and cannot see my house in the disarray it is in right now. (since being sick for like ever my house is a permanent disaster zone)
- Get in St. Patty's Mood!!!.............. Parade is coming up in a week or so. This will be my first parade marching as an LAOH member and i'm excited! Should be lots of fun!
- Get B-day present for my cousin She's turning 30!!!
- Also must refresh my wedding mood, since a lot of it is turning into stress i want to be happy and excited for my sister during these moments, not frustrated and annoyed at other family members.
I do believe I got everything if not i can just check my trusty new calendar haha!
I'm going to start taking pictures of everything too so i can make post about all my events it will be cool to have this to look back on i think. ok my thoughts are dwindling and my eyes are sleepy. Night!

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