Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back in the swing

So my hubby finally a job this past week He should be working for the next five weeks at least thats amazing considering everything we've been going through. I have a never ending wishlist that i can't seem to stop writing on. I realized that i can spruce up my house myself if i had the funds to do so. I want to paint every room. right now i have wood paneling in every room and i mean every single room in my house its annoying. My house is super old and falling apart. I'm addicted to and magazines and other home improvement websites. But my house is nothing like anyone else's its doesn't even feel like my own home thats because technically its not but whole i'm living here i feel like i should be able to make it mine. A nice place for my family to grow in. All i'll need is paint, curtains, lighting, shelves, an oven, and cabinets in the kitchen.... see thats not that much! I hope the boy feels the same because i have a lot i want to accomplish. I want to make gardening boxes this spring and learn how to grow veggies and herbs. I want to just be able to have the things that most people take for granted like an oven i just want to bake up a batch of cupcakes or brownies. I have discovered coffee again......... its exciting because the caffeine really helps after you've been drugged up for days. Yes Monday i went to the emergency room for random little bite marks all over my body. they prescribed me and anti-inflammatory  and boy was i out of it the first day, yest. i was just sleepy, but today i drank my coffee and got some things accomplished... only some not all but i still got tomorrow and the next day. .................... i know i'm rambling but it's not even 8 thirty and both my child and boyfriend are passed out on the recliner. but you see my bf has an excuse he's been working all day, babyboy not so much he didn't even wake up till ten am but no nap so he's staying asleep for the night. i guess thats all for tonight damn i'm cold wheres my blanket?

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