Friday, January 28, 2011

Made some goals ...finally

It's funny how being bored and window shopping online got me inspired to finally make some short term goals. It seems like there are some important dates that are quickly approaching. my sister is getting married! and im the maid of honor!!!! i can' tell you how excited I am. But i dont know if my upper body and arms are quite ready. I have in actually been losing weight within the last year i've dropped my body weight below what i was when i got pregnant! Crazy for me! but i'm now like 4 sizes smaller than i was and even tho i'm looking good i want to start that toning shit everyone goes to the gym for and start looking sexy again. Well I want o look sexy for a soon to be middle aged twenty something. Meaning i thought i looked sexy at 18 but now going on 24 it seems like i was only sexy cuz i had no stress then and was a teenager now i'm a mom and wifey. Everything changed in my life and thats including my body. My boyfriend says i have the woman bearing hips, i guess because they expanded to twice their size when i got pregnant and have only shrunk a tad bit since. But he makes me feel good about my new body but i want to look good now too!! it doesn't help that i tool a pause from this blog to go get tasty kakes and munch out lol ohwell as long as i start exercising right? and what else do they say oh all things in moderation i do that i'm fine! lol...... so moving on i started thinking about the things i most need to collect to make my wardrobe complete and ready for spring/summer

~ thigh high boots (black)
~ boyfriend blazer
~ summer peasant type tops
along with a plaid top
very casual!
sexy mama!
so cute!
love these!!

now i wanna go shopping! but you need money to do that lol there will be a day

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