Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Realization can be so sweet!

So i had said before i think that im no good at keeping journals or blogs but when i need to release a thought or feeling i can always turn to writing it down and feel instant gratification. So this reasoning for writing is simple. I have been lulling around my house for over two yrs feeling like a waste of space because to me in reality i was "just a mom" So today i was watching Glenn beck (love his program hes not crazy just opinionated with reality) and he said how sad it made him when he would hear women saying that they are "just a mom" when it came to there life career decisions. His segment made me think "Wow, thats how i describe myself on a regular basis." Then i started just googling the phrase 'stay at home mom' and found a few articles that were worth reading that gave me a new perspective on my choices and realized im not alone. Most women are faced with the decision to stay home or go to work some omen dont get the choice and envy the ones that get to do the decision making. But the truth is we all envy the other for example i wanted to be a working mother, help with income and paying bills, i wanted to be super mom super successful! but the timing wasn't right and my heart was slightly broken when i decided to go get a job. Of course i had the major obsacle most SAHM's are faced with, child care, how to pay for it, trusting others with your kids, and most of all leaving your precious and having to walk away from the tears and screams. I couldn't do it. Even though the job i had gotten was willing to provide me with a career in the future, my son and my family and my happiness always came first and i now know that i dont have a damn thing to feel guilty for. I am a stay at home mom and though it may be tough and i haven't succeeded the way i thought i would my plans had changed for the better and the life i live now has given me everything and i truely feel blessed! and i thank the man by my side that he was always there for me and always has been no matter  what the circumstance. I love You Baby! You are the world to me and i dont have any regrets!

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