Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My horoscope .... hahaha


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Calm down and get centered, Aries. This is an extremely sensual day that's likely to pique your emotions. You're apt to receive input from each one of your senses, so keep these channels open and available for new information that's trying to break through. Don't be hasty. You're better off taking a reserved, receptive approach today........................................................I like to read my horoscope after the day happened that way i can see if it was right or not without my bias. Today was def. right on the nose. 
See so my lovely significant other and myself went out yesterday to enjoy an family outing. I live in Philly so naturally our family traditions revolve around the Macy's/Wanamaker(spelt wrong sry)! light show and the Charles Dickens christmas carol village. Mr. Slugger woke us up Me and lil slug a bug early full of excitement and anxiousness saying lets go in the city and and be all jolly. OK! i said he's so sweet i thought............ hmmm so fun times Lil slug a bug had so much fun we got pictures with Santa! Unexcepedtedly and it went amazingly well i mean no screaming child in the picture mainly because mommy had to sit next to santa looking verrrrry merrry indeed. Anyway so we finish our festivities and proceed to the Gallery and do a lil shopping. One store, it only took one store to fuck up our whole situation. He starts getting mad at me cuz i don't like a jacket he shows me but i really do like the jacket i just dont want to spend that price for it if its not something i really need...... ughhhhh maybe i should let him read this blog *lil tid bit He has no idea i started writing this! HA!................... ok anyway what was i talking about i def. got distracted by 16 and pregnant (sometimes i just wanna smack these girls but i can't really talk)..........so back to the fight with Mr slug. Yeah so the dude friggin gets off the EL and literally walks a black ahead of me all the way home. what a jerk!!... i'm sry but that stings. Whatever so we got home, i caught up!. and i go to walk in my shed and accidently smashed my elbow through my window on the door. OOPS! big oops its not tues. this all happened mon. we"re still not talking he worked all day came home ate dinner and fell asleep and has been sleeping since So baby's in bed daddy's in bed and mommy gets the sweetest quiet time there could be. haha i secretly love these moments where he's so mad that he won't ask me to do this for him and that for him. This is my mommy time!!!!........... OH so this whole story goes back to my horoscope i def. took the reserved receptive approach today.... haha i sat back and did not a gosh damn thing. fuck yeah :-(   i secretly wish i could snuggle him when i go to bed ..... its gotta be love huh?

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