Friday, December 10, 2010

So Newww..... its scary.

So i'm completely fresh and new to this whole blogging thing but i figured nows as good a time than any. You see i have been writing in journals for years It has always helped me relieve my anxiety and stress in a good and healthy way. Usually I would sit in my room and blast some real good "gets ya in that mood" music and start doodling or writing away. It was my source of sanity. ............LATELY things have been different. Lately things have been crazy. I am now a mother of a two year old boy who can make you smile with just one look into his big beautiful eyes. I am practically a new wife (without the ring) who takes care of her man the best she knows how. And I have moved into a three story, four bedroom, and unfortunately one very small bathroom and OMG a basement. You don't understand i've grown up in apartments my whole life living in this house is great and all but the cleaning never ends.... Oh the cleaning.......... but i bet all who are reading this can understand that feeling of constant heavy pressure that lingers above you and that pressure is Life!. So my reasoning for started this blog is to see how many people will read this and like what i have to say or want to discuss what i bring to the table..... I used to think i led a boring and wasteful existence. Really i did and only up until about two weeks ago did i realize how important it is that I stay home and take care of my son and the house keeping things clean and tidy.( Oh did i mention i have two pitbulls that think they own the place and make it almost impossible to keep anything smelling good.) Anyway i recently went out looking for work. I made up my resume and started hitting the pavement all because i wanted to show that i can be independent and help with the money load for our family. Well lucky me i got a job! Dental Assisting with no background or experience they were willing to train Awesome i thought this is great I'll have a career. So i started working fulltime somewhat weird hours, lousy paycheck. I Loved it at first it was usually always quiet in the office it was easy to learn  i knew mostly everything within a week of training. well after about a month of stressing who was going to watch johnny (my son) and who can pick him up and blah blah blah... i was getting stressed out plus to be honest i didn't like the fact that my baby boy was being cared for by someone else i hated it actually. Johnny was born with very severe eczema. i mean so severe he's been hospitilized twice in his young life. with someone else caring for him it became almost impossible to keep his skin clear i partially think b/c this someone never listened to me or did what i said but sorry when it comes to my son..... you better believe i'll do anything possible to keep him safe and healthy hence the quitting of my fabulous new job.

hahaa ok after rereading my post i figured i"ll leave it at that for today and pick up on my story tomorrow..... i"ll let it all sink in for who i dunno cuz i dunno how people even get the chance to read this... but if you do HIYA!!!!!

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