Saturday, June 25, 2011


I feel like I haven't had internet in forever. Well i kinda haven't its been about two months without it and to be honest I think it was a great thing because me and my family are doing better than ever. I just read my last blog and realized how lost i was two months ago. Me and the boy are doing great. It took some serious events and long tearful discussions to get to where we are but we both realize that without each other we would have no one because in all honesty WE are the only ones who make each other happy ( besides ourselves) and we are the only ones who want to see ourselves succeed. Lately it seems that people we have been surrounding ourselves with find some way to bring us down. Now i thought that was impossible because we def. have hit rock bottom. Wehn it comes to our financial situation we are struggling, but i broke down and asked my parents for some help, found a job and have been supporting my man every way possible to help him get back on his feet again. I only work minimal hours which is good and bad. I wish i could work more for better income but it still gives me the time i need to keep my lifestyle when it comes to raising my son. I love my job, back in retail is exactly where I'm supposed to be, strange how when i was younger I hated working in retail and hated how my bosses would think it was the end of the world if the store wasn't exactly right. But now i guess I'm just like that because I love being back in a clothing store.
So ever since our internet and cable got turned off (lack of money and tv n computers are not necessities in my book) me and the hubs and our little one started taking the dogs to the park and getting outside. It has been beautiful! Exercising, getting fresh air, getting out of the house and enjoying our lives. Living the simple life in every way. Because we have too but it has been a blessing. We have reconnected as a family and really gotten to know one another again. I realized who is important in my life and who i really don't need in my life and for that I am grateful! SO now I'm back online and things are going to continue to be different but we"re happy this way. I'm in love with life again. Things are looking up and I never wanna look back.
And special thanks to my mom and dad without the two of them, my family would be suffering along with struggling!!

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