Thursday, June 30, 2011


Since the weather has gotten warmer and my child has become incredibly rambunctious the only solution has been to retreat to the park in the early afternoon.

My Johnny has become an expert tree climber ( mommy has a nervous breakdown each time he runs for that tree) 

He thinks  the tree is his throne!!

My little prince is a boy through and through.

My dog Coco is still the better tree climber in the family. She'll jump up all by herself!
Hanging by the "beach" (living in the city we work with what we got since we live by the river we therefore have a beach). My Johnny collecting rocks and sticks. We learned how to skip rocks in the water. My son has an incredible arm!!
And to end our lovely days in the park we usually run around in the grass ( we race) Johnny's favorite thing is to get Mommy to run all he has to say is " ready, set, GO!" and we usually take of from wherever we stand.
So we'll run around and pick some "wishies" to blow into the nice breeze.

I Love our family outings at the park. It gives us time to play and run and spend time together and get back into nature.
Hope you all have somewhere you like to retreat to with your families.

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