Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am Inspired

I have been inspired lately by .. well... everything! the weather, the season, the internet, my friends, my job....  I want to do somethings on my list. I've been hearing it alot, people talking about there "lists" Mine is quite extensive and keeps on getting bigger(longer). I just got a job which is exciting for me but not many hours and not a great pay but its something for me to have for my self. SO i can do the things I want to do!
Soo todays inspiration is putting together and week full of recipes that are new to me but will still be enjoyed by my family so that is m post for today. A week full of budget friendly healthy easy recipes that satisfy. And as I attempt each recipe I will post about it since I got such a huge response from my stuffed shells and cake balls. haha well huge for me. Plus it will help me start blogging again and be involved within my own little world.

-Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto
-Pulled bbq pork
-grilled pizza
-steak Kabobs
I think thats a good variety that everyone will love.

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