Monday, November 21, 2011

It's the little things

It's the little things that make me happy.
A cup of hot pumpkin spiced coffee on a chill day... is bliss to me.
A hot bath... away from the boys is so relaxing.
Little kisses on the forehead before everyone disperses for the day.
Not forgetting to bring me home rolls for dinner.
Randomly popping up with flowers for me.
Saying I love you and smooching from across the room.
Putting my head on my pillow every night after getting goodnight kisses and hugs from my lil man.
My lil man rubbing my back till I fall asleep.
Clean kitchens and nice smelling homes.
Fresh laundry folded nice and neat.
Homemade bread.
Making list of short term goals
Catching a few pages of a good book.
These are things that make me happy but unfortunately they are becoming more and more of a rarity theses days. I guess that is what makes me appreciate them so much more. Being able to have that time in the tub to sit and relax is a joy. Of course I still here my kid screaming and calling my name from down the steps but I know his Dad will distract him and I can sit and enjoy!

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