Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have you Heard?.....

Saturday ... is my fun day. Well this week anyway. My fund days change from week to week.
I took a small trip to the makeup store ULTA today. Ok! First I couldn't believe I never heard of it and second I couldn't believe I had never been there before. I'm officially obsessed! My mom had given me a gift card for Christmas and today was my day to cash in!
Well it wasn't all great I did have to bring along my three old little boy who only wants to run and throw things and go crazy over all the colors of the makeup which are just so easily accessible to his little grabby hands. I was getting a little frustrated .. well a lot frustrated. I know I can't help the way my kid acts but I can never get past the stares and annoying looks. I'm working on my tolerance and patience, I say it still takes time. Thank goodness for my dear friend. After repeatedly telling/asking/screaming at Johnny to just stick by my side without running off and getting more aggravated than necessary. I picked up that little boy and put him in the car while I went back into the store to be able to gather my purchases and head on out of there. I'm realizing why online shopping is such a trend these days. Makeup and expensive perfumes are not for children ... Lesson learned!!

Anyway after all the aggravation, I paid for my things with great satisfaction. My sister had gotten me and new makeup kit that had everything in it ready to go except mascara. So i got myself some new mascara. I needed body lotion, checked that off the list. I was able to get Nivea Happy sensation daily lotion for three bucks!! I have also been in dire need of new nail polish and it just so happened to be a buy two get two free sale on all ulta cosmetics from brushes to lip stains EVERYTHING on sale.... I was in love. So I was able to get two new nail polish for free! I also got those salon Nail effect sticker things from Sally Henson. I'm so digging them. Two reasons why (1 they don't chip and (2 they help my nails grow. I have a horrible habit of biting my nails and my hands are looking terrible. But not for LONG!!!! ..... I'm going to pamper myself from now on. Feeling pretty makes me Happy so therefore I will satisfy any pretty need I may have.

Now all I have to do is try and declutter my house and my mind can finally be at ease.
Happy Saturday All!!
My Pinterest! See what I got from Ulta

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