Saturday, January 21, 2012

For St. Hubert's Brown and Gold!......

If anyone lives in the Philadelphia or surrounding areas then you may be one of the many who have been affected by the recent decision to close multiple catholic schools.My Alma Mater was one of the schools selected to finish off the year, close its door and never  be opened again. This is such sad news to many girls and women that go and have gone to St. Hubert's for the last 70 years! It is a building that holds remarkable history and is a staple to the community surrounding by it.

Throughout my four years of high school I learned how to be a kid and have fun. I learned how to be responsible and respect guidelines. I became involved with extracurricular activities. I was into theater and drama club. Yearbook, literary magazines and dance committees. I did it all!! I had the time of my life! Seriously High school for me was very precious and it was because of the girls i became friends with, the girls I'm still friends with today and the community that impacted my life everyday. 
I moved out of my childhood neighborhood when getting pregnant. For some reason you just think that your Home will always be there. When the news of the closings became public Is when reality sunk in. It's a sign of the times. 

BUT.... I am proud to say I'm a Bambi!!
Out of all the schools selected to close I have on;y seen news stories and events popping up all over the city to help save our school. The website has been set up to help network and get the word out there. So far the women, girls and volunteers galore have been working their little tails off to raise money, $466,000  and counting!! I'm proud to say I'm a Bambi Always and Forever. 
If anyone who is reading this has any desire to help out, you can go to the web link and find a way.

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