Sunday, January 22, 2012

Respecting Toys

How hard is it to play nicely and quietly. Well for my three year old its impossible! Most days I wake up and in the time it takes me to get breakfast together my house has become an all out war zone messed up with toy soldiers, cars, legos, and whatever else that was sitting at the bottom of the toy bin. It's exhausting picking up the toys just to turn my back and they are all over the place again. 
So its time for a lesson. This boy has to learn how to respect his things or I'm going to get so fed up and I'm going to take it all away. Our house is way too small for all the stuff we have accumulated. Organization is not one of my strong suits but I'm trying. In teaching my lil slug a bug about respect, it actually came to be very simple! HA we watched Toy Story 3! When the part where the daycare children leave for the day and the toys are all discombobulated because they weren't being "played with right," came on I paused it and told Johnny that it is probably how his toys feel when he is done playing with them. He pouted his lip and starting apologizing to all his toys. It was super cute But lessons don't always stick in a three year old's head but little reminders and making him help clean his toys up have started a process in his little brain. Play with something, be done with it, put it away! It's simple right???  I can only dream it stays simple.

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  1. Cait this made me really lol, because I can picture him apologizing to his toys:)