Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Italian Bread

What went wrong??
I have no idea but after baking the bread I soon realized that it was not supposed to turn out the way it did.
It was way too dense and heavy.
Maybe my kitchen was too cold to let the bread rise.
Maybe I didn't knead it enough.
Maybe I kneaded it too much.
Well anyway my first attempt at baking bread was a failure, unfortunately.
Any bakers out there??? Any advice??

Short Story:
It was Pasta night, the deli had closed already, I had no bread!!!!!
*sound the sirens*  For some reason we can not have pasta and sauce without bread or grated cheese. We are a family who is very stuck in our ways with our favorite meals. Haha Hamburger Helper, love it. This was the first meal John ever made for me! It has been a staple in our home since. Add a little fresh garlic and dried parsley and basil, ground meat and the box.. your good to go. Anyway so I had no bread for this night. "Thats fine" I said to myself. " I can make my own" I thought. So I did. And everything went wrong. I'm so sad. I want to start baking or many reasons, one being to save money. By making my own bread and tortillas is cheaper and healthier for my family's lifestyle. I want to go back to the most simple of times. Being able to be efficient on my own. Learn the traits and skills that were common knowledge to our ancestors. Does that sound weird. I don't know for some reason I feel that they are easy simple things about sewing, cooking,baking, gardening, and  homemaking. 
But I guess last pasta night was not my night for bread making. Next I'm going to try American Sandwich bread. From This Girl!! 
Didn't really looked baked enough I guess .. maybe.. Oh I dunno!!!
Hamburger Helper when done!
I tried it out anyway. Very chewy. HA

Bread recipe From Here!!

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