Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pork chops and Patience

"Patience is a virtue".  ... That is what I was taught with my catholic education.

"Patience is key".  ... That is what I was taught when I first had my son.

 But nobody ever teaches you how to be patient because I definitely should have been given a lesson.
My lil slug a bug is getting into that stage where pushing my buttons has become a game to him. He knows what he's doing because he thinks it's funny but all this pushing of my buttons is wearing me thin.

I'm at a breaking point. My three year old has no intentions on listening to me or paying attention. He drives me crazy. I'm only 24 and I'm getting gray hair, pardon me when I say..... wtf!!!

 Everyday starts off the same. We rise early in the morning with sweet "good mornings" and "I love yous" while we still snuggle in bed. Then we retreat downstairs and then all hell breaks loose. Making breakfast becomes an issue. Trying to get ready and get out the door becomes an issue. Behaving during playgroup becomes a huge issue. Then it's lunch time but Lil Slug is usually on a time out from misbehaving earlier.
 He doesn't listen unless I raise my voice and threaten him with timeouts.
 I mean I get it my son has an incredible amount of energy that I seriously can not contain. It feels like this happened over night though. I think this is the mom guilt but maybe it's my fault. Maybe I was too stressed out around the holidays to give him my full attention. Maybe I've yelled at him one too many times by now for him to not even be affected. I don't know but I've lost all patience and today was another one of them days. 

Constantly asking him to be good and listen, two timeouts, and a very frustrated mommy. I feel like I give him my undivided attention for the most part of the day. We take walks, go to playgroup, go to the rec center and have play dates. But when it comes down to mommy to take some time to blog or make a phone call forget it. Hence why I don't blog everyday.

 He still insist on making his favorite word "No" or this actually makes me smile a bit when he says "No Thank you" instead of just "no." At least he's polite right? 
I keep the thought in my head that "this is only a stage" and I'm constantly repeated the phrase "this too shall past." Whats a frustrated strung out mess of a mom supposed to do. 
I'm tired and out of options.
I realized though that this is just another one of those teaching moments that I can only get from my boy.
I will learn to be more patient because thats what good moms do.
I will learn to handle his non-listening better without getting so furious and walking away.
At the end of each day I am extremely grateful to have my family but I always need a little de-stressing.
Thats when I turn to my computer and waste away a few hours surfing the net catching up with blogs and finding new recipes.
Here's something I threw together for tonight's dinner. Cooking is my de-stresser too. 
I find something very relaxing in cooking up a good home healthy meal.
Tonight was mustard pork chops with pesto rice and cheesy broccoli and cauliflower.

First I had some boneless pork chops that I seasoned with some salt and pepper. I then had some ground mustard in the fridge that I used to coat the chops before sauteing on the stove top.

I cooked up some easy white rice when it was done I mixed in some dried tomato and garlic pesto.
Pesto from Tastefully simple... I'm in love!

And for the last side dish I boiled a frozen bag of veggies, drained when done, then tossed the veggies with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes and shredded chedder cheese. 

And there you have it. We had a very delicious and healthy dinner cooked and on the table in less then twenty minutes. Heck yeah thats what I'm talking about!!!!
Hahaha literally the best part of my day.  (thats a little sad) 

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