Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are you Prepared?!?!

Have you ever had one of them days where you don't want to move? 
Today was one of them days. 
I was a miserable cranky mess and rarely moved off my couch except for the occasional potty break for the little guy and to let my pups out.
So in lieu of my lazy day I got sucked into the National Geographic channel.
They had a "Doomsday Preppers" marathon on all day.

Now do you all remember the millennium? Y2K and all that crap. 
I do! and I also remember my mom gathering jugs of water, face dust mask, first aid kits, and whole smorgasbord of items that we might have needed in case of catastrophe. 
Of course the turn of the century came and went and we all survived without needing to open one jug of water!
No offense to my mom at least we were prepared, right?

Well this new show is all about people around the country preparing for said such disasters. 
One man was preparing for a catastrophic volcano event while another man was preparing for a possible solar flare caused by a electromagnetic pulse. Craziness right? I have to admit though the show was addicting.
Some people had some smart solutions for being self sufficient. For example a family was making their own bio-diesel out of used vegetable oil.  Cool  right?

Photo: Fishing in the greenhouse
In this picture they converted an in ground pool into a green house/ fishing pond.
Thats what their doing... fishing...... in their pool..... umm yeah.

Photo: Paul Range feeds his brood of livestock.
Feeding the livestock!

It makes me want to start my own little farm. I realized that if the S*@t does hit the fan I am not smart enough to be self sustainable. I'll probably go loot the library first. Get all the books on botany, wild life, and anything else that might be of use.
I know if things really got bad my family and I would be strong enough to survive.
Hopefully nothing will happen to get that bad BUT in retrospect with the way this 2012 presidential race is going and all the debt that our country owes maybe just maybe something is definitely going to change the way we know life to be today.
Of course it doesn't hurt to start my own garden and start learning how to acquire a "green thumb." 
I just had to share what I have been thinking about all day.
BTW I do realize it is Valentines Day so Happy Happy...... 
Hahaha nice post for today... huh?
I wonder Is anyone else this crazy preparing for doom? 
Apparently according to the Nat Geo poll says that a whopping 25% of Americans have NOT done any preparations for widespread catastrophe. So most of use have at least thought of what we would like to do.... Just food for thought. Good night all!!!
Here's to the end of the world!

All pictures compliments of  National Geographic.

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