Friday, February 10, 2012

Tips Tricks n Tweaks

Ever since I moved into my home and started a family I have been on a constant search for "healthy-fied" living solutions.  This means cooking, cleaning, and all around safe living. Throughout the past few years I have gathered up my own tips tricks and tweaks that I use everyday  for a healthy living. I feel that these ideas, if read by the right people, can help others make a few tweaks in their daily lives to help get on the right track for a healthier existence.
I know diet and exercise are the most dreaded words to hear from your doctor but it's not rocket science. Those two words are the truth. If a person eats foods that haven't been processed and gets a daily dose of moderate exercise the changes that will happen within your body will be unbelievable. It's all in the mind. Laziness plays a big part in obesity. If a person who is struggling just changes the way their thought process works when it comes to eating, drinking, and moving they will discover a life long change and will ultimately start living the way they want to. I mean who honestly likes living without having energy to play with your kids or constantly depriving your family of all the good nutritious foods their are to offer because you rely more on the blue box mac and cheese and ordered out pizza to satisfy the hunger needs. Not too mention ordering out for a family of four can cost $35 and up per order. How about making you own pizza dough one night and letting the the kids fix them up and everyone has a personal pizza. Making pizza at home $10-$15 if you have to go out and get the ingredients. But most of the ingredients people already have on hand.
Just some things to think about. 
So here we go........


When it comes to cooking I'm definitely someone who does not dig the taste of salt. I don't mind using it to season meats. A little sprinkle and thats about it. I use a pinch of salt when I saute veggies because it helps draw the moisture out of the vegetables. Other then that salt is the one thing that takes a place in the back of my spice cabinet. I always purchase canned veggies, stock/broth, and butter with "no salt added" or "low sodium" on the label. This way I feel like I'm in control of my families salt intake.
Dried or fresh, herbs are a great substitution for salt. You can season anything with herbs and still get some great flavored meals. Or if your like me I just add garlic. 

Fresh minced garlic has incredible flavor potential and also benefits your cardiovascular system. I mean if you don't mind your finger tips constantly smelling of garlic start chopping! But you can always get the jar of already minced garlic. Buying fresh is just easier on my wallet.
Like I mentioned before when I buy butter I always choose unsalted. Now I know people are making a disgusted face if you are stuck in your ways. Honestly, I taste no difference. Plus I can add my own pinch of salt while cooking and I know that there is only one pinch in my meal. I tend to only use butter for baking and when I make a rue for pan way to make a gravy!
Olive Oil
I use olive oil for everything. It's actually considered a "good" fat and has been said to be good for your heart. Make this small switch to use olive oil instead of butter or vegetable oil and you already are on a better track.
Here is a tip that I learned growing up as a kid. My mother never served a dinner without a green vegetable and if it wasn't green it was corn. This has been something I have carried on into my new life as a mom. I also make sure that the veggies are the largest portion on everyone's plate. Of course I load the plates up with good intentions but not everyone eats them all. Oh well we are still learning and living right?
So did you know that the recommended daily water intake of 8 glasses is really a myth.
It's not that drinking water is a bad thing but everybody is different and everyone needs different amounts. My opinion on drinking water is simple. Drink water to stay hydrated. Lack of hydration can cause tiredness and sore chapped lips (on me anyway.)  See I don't know how much water I actually drink during the course of the day because I drink when I'm thirsty! And I'm not just drinking water all day I do drink other beverages but I drink mostly water.  Especially before meals. Why you ask? If you drink a glass of water right before a main meal you probably won't eat as much. 
Tea is my go to serenity.I drink it in the morning. I drink it in the evening. For me there is nothing better then a warm cup of tea. When I said I drink other beverages I mainly meant tea and coffee. Both have antioxidants essential to the body and heart health benefits along with a ton of other reasons that having a cup of tea a day is a smart and healthy option. Instead of grabbing a soda brew a cup of tea. Not to mention it can aid in relaxation as well. Plus tea comes in different flavors as well. I like regular tea hot but I love cold iced green tea!!
Home-cooked Meals
Nothing is more satisfying then having a home-cooked meal on your kitchen table being enjoyed by your family. Picky eaters are hard to please I understand but when there are no other options the kids will eat. They won't go hungry they will eat whats available after the tantrum of course. Also cooking at home can not only save you from unwanted calories and fat but can help enormously with your budget. It's just simple facts. Cooking at home is the frugal option these days but it's a feasible option!
I know here come the excuses. I'm too tired. I have no time. It's too late by the time I get done work.
Bull!.. Enough with the excuses because you only hurting yourself. Make the time. I'm not saying go join a gym or start training for a marathon. I'm simply saying whats the harm in a short walk around the neighborhood right before dinner or after. It doesn't matter what you do just DO IT! Once you start it will become a habit and I promise you you will start to feel a lot better.

I think that will be all for now but its a great start. These tips and tweaks can help anyone out who may be struggling health wise. I know they have helped me tremendously. Once you start making the changes you will start to know your body again. After eating healthy home cooked meals you body will start to reject the processed sugars and fats. I mean I'm no professional, I'm not a doctor but I have made the changes and these are my experiences. I'm doing good and feeling great!

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