Monday, February 13, 2012

Today's forecast .....

Today was Sunny and definitely chilly but our little family bundled up and made our way to the park!

We had fun running off all that pent up energy.

Here's the Gang!!!!

Lil slug a bug really hates getting his picture taken these days. It's starting to get frustrating but maybe I'm just the only person in this world that still uses her camera phone that takes about ten seconds to actually take a picture and by then my over-energetic child is already half across the park!

So I have endless amounts of back and of course butt shots!!
Here he is climbing up the jungle gym.

Can I just say how much of a relief it is that he is old enough to play around the playground without me following him around. 
Maybe I'm just a neurotic mother but My boy has a way
  of making me gasp. You all know the gasp. That moment where you can see the start and ending of a tragic fall from a foot or so more off the ground. You know when all the other parents are starting to ask "who's kid is that?" You realize its your kid teetering on the edge of the monkey bar platform trying to do it himself. Even though he falls, gets up and laughs he'll ask to do it again. Meanwhile momma is still trying to recover from the slight heart failure just moments earlier.  At least my boy is learning to be an individual. Right? All in all I don't expect the "gasps" to dwindle away any time soon.

This is daddy getting the sticks to throw for the pups.

Oh hey look there!!! Yep He's doing it all by himself!!

OH wow He let me take his picture........ Nice!

I love my city. 
(note: I am aware that the picture is showing the Jersey side of the river)

Here Lil slug a bug was grabbing some leaves and throwing them up into the wind.

Of course I had to inspect his pile of leaves before He could even step into them.
It's a damn shame. I do love living in the city but when there are so many people in one area and not all of them respect the land on which they are living on its cause for dangerous objects, unwanted trash, and broken bottles ending up in areas like our beautiful park.

We still make the best of it. All the trash surrounding us in the city just means, as parents, we have to be a little more diligent to where our son roams.

The dogs love going to the park. In the warmer months they jump right into the river and catch big ol' logs floating by. 
Today the pups made new friends and had a blast running around and catching sticks!

Today was a good day for the park. Sunny and a little chilly but all around great day to soak up some vitamin D.
 Hope you all had a good Monday!!

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