Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are you up on your current events???

OK so I kind of took a dark turn with my last post but I want to explain myself.
Our economy is changing and has been for sometime now I'm sure you are all aware. I am not completely convinced that come December we are all on a direct path to doom. Although I do live with a man who is totally convinced!! I deal and I watch the shows he watches and I learn

What am I learning??? 

I am learning different ways to be self sufficient. I am learning that it pays to be strong and fit so I can outlast the weak. All this knowledge I'm gaining CAN be helpful for living life now. 
Gardening, farming, botany, sewing, first aid, purifying water, basic camping skills, these are all things that are worth learning about to just be smart. 
How many people in this world If you asked them to go camping they would crinkle up there nose and scoff usually saying something along the lines of "Me, sleep on the ground, in the dirt, No Thank you!" 
I'm one of those people who loves to camp thanks to my oh... about seven years of girl scouts. 

I guess what I'm trying to really say is how did our world come so far from the basics in life. You know all the basic knowledge our ancestors relied on to survive. The Simple Life most could call it. I'm longing for a life of simplicity. I think that has become my ultimate dream life. Weird I know. I'm all for technology. It has been saving lives and doing all sorts of incredible things but it seems it has been enabling the newer generations. I mean I know babies and toddlers who learned how to use an I-pad before they could talk!

Sign of the times??? I guess. 

And I guess it's just up to parents to teach the new generations about the simple ideas.
Thats all good but I have to teach myself first.......
So short term goals are set. Keep filling my little noggin with information. Keep up with current events. (so you know what the hell is going on around the world and your neighborhood) You know how many of my friends tell me they don't watch the news because it's too depressing. OK.... I understand not wanting to be upset but this is real life people!!!! You should know whats going on around you! (I'm yelling a little at this point) AND another tip... go ahead and READ your local paper. Reading the paper has become a lost hobby. But hey if you read the paper you can pick and choose what news article you want to read.

Speaking of......
While I was reading my local paper last night I came across an article that has a very personal effect on my family and my city. With the presidential debates in full swing its hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Nothing new there. Politicians have almost always come out to be heartless goons. The article below explains about how throughout every debate the topic about city unions (which Philadelphia has been built on) have been overlooked and never discussed. No one discusses the fact about how corrupt the unions have become. How jobs are hard to come by and the restrictions to "unify" strikes are ridiculous. If your a middle class hard working family No matter what city you reside in take a gander at the article it's short sweet and too the point!!!
Election Rhetoric and what it means to the folks of philly.

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  1. Caity I really liked the's all so true! Adam always says the same thing about watching the news and my response is same as yours, you should know what's going on around you(except for the useless fillers bullshit, like a 4 year old in Australia with a polar bear...I mean really?). So I figure if the world really ends in December do I want to survive to live in it's ruins? Not so much, although Adam will most likely see to it I'm living in a tree somewhere using osk leaves for toilet paper:)