Monday, July 25, 2011

new adventures

I have never been one to sit down and really search or shall I say Surf the internet. Not until I became a blogger that it is. I recently joined Pinterest after seeing it everywhere and not knowing what it was I finally Googled it ... Haha Duh me right!  I've always been the person that knows what she needs from the computer signed on did whatever i needed to do and signed off. But Now I'm really loving that everyday I discover something new I can look up or get lost in.
Another reason why I'm please with my internet surfer of the day is because of YES cvs. See I found a receipt on the bottom of my purse that said $4 off my next purchase for just registering my e-mail. I then remembered that I have yet to register a phone number for my extracare card. So I logged on and viola! I registered my e-mail, my address, and then I registered for cvsphotos! Here I can take all the pictures that have been sitting on my computer and turn them into hard copies which then in turn means I CAN FINALLY FINISH my scrapbook..... OR at least get it up to date.
All this makes Caity a happy girl....... it's the little things every girl understands that!!

In other news I finally made a dinner date with my MOMMA!!!
I miss her so much. Ever since I started my job I haven't been up to the NE to see my family. My mom, dad, stepdad, sister, and nephews. I miss them all. I used to go up on Sundays for dinner and hang out with the kiddies. But since it's summer Someone's got something to do every weekend so it's been a challenge. But this Friday me and the Momma are getting together for dinner and drinks. I'm excited!
It's funny to think about how close me and my mom are. Well we've always been close but My mom just said to me today that it makes her so happy that I like to hang out with her. Awwww .... But Mom I've never not liked hanging with you. She's always been my best friend Love You MOM!!!!

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