Thursday, July 7, 2011

Easy Peesy!

SO one of my favorite meals and fastest dinners to make is TACOS!!.... I dunno why but I have developed an never ending craving for mexican food especially Tacos. I'm pretty sure these cravings are left over from pregnancy two years ago but I always satisfy my cravings. AND an easy way to do this IS Taco Bell taco kit! I don't do box kits for dinner but for taco and hamburger helper  for me they are heaven sent. Of course i doctor the meals up a bit you know use fresh herbs and garlic and add veggies whereever possible. 
SO I always start off with the usual 1lb of ground meat, tomato, lettuce, shredded cheese, and sour cream. I get the Hard and soft variation kit Everyone stays happy. Now I 've tried various taco kits and since the economy started getting bad the soft tortillas in other kits were becoming to thin and unable to really fill and eat. Me and my BF test ran many kits and have decided that we are never unsatisfied with Taco Bell's. 

The fixings out for display .... I also always add a half a can of corn kernals for extra filling and veggies!! It's 
how the taco trucks around the city make their fillings.

He Loves his tacos too!!

Ok thats it just expressing my love for Taco Kits!

p.s. dont mind all the clutter mess thats ...everywhere!

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  1. Wait, what? Taco Bell makes home kits? This is amazing news to me as my office just officially voted TB best fast food for a junk binge.