Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So remember the days when Facebook didn't exist. OR how bout when Facebook was literally ... a book... with your future roommate/classmates pictures in it. Or how bout when Facebook was only for use with college students??
It's crazy to think those days DID exist. I usually about this time would say I miss those days. But instead I'm saying I'm grateful for Facebook. Now that I'm older, and a mommy, working, living in a different neighborhood, making new friends, and trying to keep old ones. I have Facebook to thank for keeping me in touch with others. 
Now there is a secret about me (well not really a secret if you know me). I H.A.T.E having to call someone. I didn't always when I was younger I was on the phone constantly, but nowadays it's easier to keep UP with keeping IN touch using the internet.

Not only has Facebook and other social media sites helped with social networking but friends that I haven't seen in years and family that live in other states are now more accessible to chat with. 
I miss my "old days" a lot. My being "young" I like to call it. I mean I love my New days and I'm super excited for my future days but being able to re-connect with old friends via Facebook has made me a happier person than I was when I first started going through the abrupt changes into my new Mommy-hood life.
Two years ago I was a depressed pregnant mess. I felt like I screwed up somewhere a long the line and that I was a disappointment to many, especially family and friends. (my story coming soon) Living through certain struggles and gaining new friends while slowly backing away from others  has brought me to a whole new life along with a whole new OUTLOOk on life. I have learned more about myself in the last two years of mommy-hood then I have have in all of my 24 years. 
So now I appreciate simple things in life and I appreciate our good fortunes of life, including things like internet access and networking sites and also farmers markets and pumpkin patches and vintage/thriftstores, you get the point right?. 
The MAIN fact that I love is being able to reconnect and stay connected to old friends and family members. Especially when its friends that I was so close with as a kid/teen and then lost contact with them either over something stupid or b/c life got in the way. 
OR that I can stay connected with my sisters and cousins (we all live in separate places and most of us have young kids) its good to see us all grow as people and mature into adults and mothers. 
I know I'm a crazy rambler but appreciating something that people take advantage of every hour of everyday makes me stay in tune with my values and wisdom I've gained in my short life.  
I am slowly learning to be comfortable with my new surroundings (which isn't so new anymore IT's HOME) Everyday there are new challenges but BEcause I have a strong network of family and friends I know how strong I am and strong I can be and I can't help but to love life!


  1. I can totally relate! I was never a phone person, so Facebook is my little miracle!! Love being able to keep up with so many new and old friends!

  2. Amen sistah! I LOVE facebook for exactly these reasons too. I'm a busy mom with kids and football and a hubby and a life and i can't spend 20 or 30 minutes on the phone with all the friends i want to keep in touch with. Just not possible. So why not take advantage of modern technology and keep up with everyone instead of losing touch with so many? It's been a blessing for me as well with so many out of state friends and family members.
    Thanks for saying everything I was thinking!

    So glad you found She's Crafty...I love new followers and meeting new people. So far, i enjoy the variety of your blog! Recipes? YES Mommy stuff? YES Life stuff? YES

    I will follow you too but is your blog on facebook too cause i really use that as my feeder.

    Talk (type) soon!