Monday, July 18, 2011

Everything Chicken Quesadillas

I made lunch the other day and basically raided my fridge for extra filling in my quesadillas since i only had one chicken breast. THEY ended up tasting AMAZING!!!... My boy even came home and ate the leftovers and usually doesn't try anything new I make. Well I decided to mental note the recipe and made the again, this time I took pictures!!
the ingredients I purchased for recipe
chicken (I only used two breast)
tortillas the smaller sized ones
I used half the can of black beans
the rice i made for a side dish with the salsa that comes in the taco kit!! OH and the other half of the black beans.
CHopped the chicken up in small bite-sized pieces and sauteed with some olive oil and salt and pepper.
Always rinse your beans!!!!!

OH YEAH the leftover fridge part (I forgot what else i put in the filling until i saw this pic.)
I had a small tomato i cut up and half a onion and half a yellow pepper!
filled em' up add some cheese fold em' over and put them on your griddle or whatever.
yummy!! Never got a pic of the rice but it was simple whit rice mixed with salsa and beans petty self-explanatory.

ENJOY!!! I def. DID!

I never take pictures of myself but i was too excited for my quesadillas!!! 

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