Wednesday, July 20, 2011


OK.... I'm getting way too frustrated over here I NEED HELP!!! I'm trying to gain more followers while trying to understand how to set up my adsense account along with trying to gain an actually visual spot on top mommy blogs BUT i'm so new to it all and don't understand what the hell I'm doing...  IF anyone is reading this and feels that in their  heart they would like to help me out just a teeny tiny bit I WOULD be soo GREATLY appreciative. I'm trying to do this so my family and I can get ahead on our bills and I can stay home> Yes I got a job but i can't work anymore hours than I already am since I have to take care of my son and I see more woman earning some type of living with their blogs so it can't be that difficult to learn and understand. I'm just asking for a little direction!!! THANKYOU!!

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