Monday, July 18, 2011

Hungry and BUSY!!

WOW have I been a busy girl or what. This whole working thing is so completely different.  I wanna say new, but it's not I've been working since I was 14!! Rita's Water Ice baby!! Up until almost four years ago, wow, I have always had a job, then it just made sense to stay home and be a wife and Mom. BUT I'm so happy again!! I never thought being back in retail would give me such a wonderful feeling but it definitely helps to have extremely nice coworkers and the closeness of the job (distance wise) is incredible. ANyway since starting work and taking care of my two year old, two dogs, hubby, and a three story house, I'm pooped! First I didn't have my computer for a while so I couldn't blog Now I'm just so darn busy. But I'm loving life yes of course we are still struggling with bills and money and such BUT we have incredible family members who, if i step up and say I need something, they will answer and help out the best they can. It's amazing that when you put your stubborn pride wall down How many people are actually really there to help you. I LOVE YOU MOM and DAD!!!
Like I said tho even with all the struggles I can still be happy which with the way things have been going in the past few years its a really great thing for me to say I'm truly happy, and I am. I'm even in the kitchen again. Yes I know i made a menu said I was gonna stick with it but lets just face it with our schedules and certain appetites it's hard to stay on track. especially when the man of the house is in the mood for pasta n meat sauce and I was so looking forward to chicken and broccoli I'd have to switch things up a bit..... so coming at you here and probably in a couple other posts SOME NEW recipes.....
So tonight it was Eggplant Parm. for momma and Spaghetti and meat sauce for the boys!!

Cooking the ground meat frozen (something i do often lack of remembering to take something out to defrost)
the meat sauce 1lb meat, 1 28ozcan of tomatoes, 1onion, 2garlic cloves minced
1 eggplant breaded with egg and itailian breadcrumbs
used some tomato sauce and some shredded mozzarella cheese and broiled the eggplant to melt cheese
cooked pasta as directed and POOf!! eggplant parm and s'getties

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