Monday, April 23, 2012

Best Burger Ever!

I Know I know I know.... This happens why too often. Me being on a Hiatus. I don't mean it I promise. I just get busy and when the weather turns and becomes a beautiful week who really wants to sit in and be on a computer? Not too mention I was kinda without my computer for some time but it's back!! I'm back!! AND I have a simple recipe that looks beautiful. Yeah I got a new phone for my B-day woohoo right?  Hell Yeah Now I have a decent camera to take all my pictures with and I'm all up on technology (haha well trying to learn anyway)

So whats been up with the blogging world lately? I feel like such an outsider anymore. Lol 
Anyway I'll let you in on whats been going on with me. I got a job!! A decent job. An office job. Hopefully a job I'll be at for a long time. It's pretty awesome.
Spring has arrived!!! Obviously we all thought spring came two months early since the lack of winter But I consider the start of the city's weekly farmers markets to be the start of Spring. I recently found a local garden center that sells produce boxes every week at a $10 or a $15 price. I  have been getting the $15 box which equals about $30+ that you would spend at the food store. It's pretty cool there's only one catch, You have no idea what your going to get in your box. I love this catch though. It makes you be creative in the kitchen while using healthy ingredients. 

(If anyone is reading this from the Philly area, The center I am referring to is at the corner of Frankford and Berks. Stop by and check it out Thursdays 4 to 7) The people  are sweet and friendly and they always have something cooking while your waiting for your box!! Also they have something going on all season. For example on sat. they were making rain barrels for your garden free of charge. The website is  Helping communities to become self efficient. It's what I've been learning and striving for in my own life. It's not about being frugal anymore it's about helping your community and cutting back on the luxuries of life. Yes a super market is a Luxury. But when it comes to our produce we don't know how safe it is. Yes we all wash our fruits and veggies but sometimes its just more logical to know where your food comes from. How many people who live in the city have their own vegetable garden? How many people can tell you exactly what farm their milk came from?  By using the local garden centers and farmers markets you can ask these questions and expect an honest answer!

So in my last box I got some spring Pea Shoots. I didn't even know these existed. I Also spent an extra 5 bucks for a pack of grass fed beef patties. SO burgers for dinner I think so! I had a large onion I cut up and threw in a small pan with some olive oil, a pat of butter, and a pinch of salt and let the onion caramelize for about 20min. I cooked the beef patties, toasted my buns and started assembling. 
I prefer a little mayo and ketchup on my burgers. Then greens are the pea shoots! 
 Best Burger Ever!!
Best Burger Picture Ever!!!
 This was so delicious!

Come back to check out the recipes I'll be cooking up during this farmers market season!! Next week I'll take a picture of my veggie box!!!

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  1. I would like to go with you some time, Chewie had told me about this place too.