Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates and Apologies

So in the past two weeks I haven't felt much like myself. This has resulted in not wanting to post, not wanting to talk to anyone, and not wanting to be creative in any way.
So I am sorry for any of the people (the whole 7 that follow me) that i did not give an update on my sister's Bridal shower sooner. Ya know the Shower that i spent all my time on to make perfect!! Yeah that one. SO here it goes!.... By the way It was a total SUCCESS! My sister was incredibly happy and everyone enjoyed themselves. 
The Menu:
Stuffed Shells with ground turkey, artichokes, and spinach (my sis' Fav)

 The half finished version..........^^^^^^^^^

The Complete finished version>>>>>>>>>
They were so tasty. For appetizers I had made Stuffed Mushrooms and little Caprese Tartlets

 For Dessert I made Strawberry Glazed cupcakes!
 And a Cake my Mom picked up that was adorable!
AND last but not at al least the Favors. Okay so my inspiration was to make wedding cake pops but i'm just gonna blame the fact that i don't bake and lack of practice because the wedding cake idea went well first see here>
 I opted out of the pop idea but the wedding cakes look ok in that picture but trying to dip them in chocolate with no stick became a horrible idea sooo..... I just made cake balls lol Which everyone LOVED!! so it was still a success

 I put them n little boxes (same colors of my sisters wedding) and tied the with ribbon.

 It was a perfect afternoon spent with amazing family and friends I wish i had taken the pictures myself and had my camera (still in the process of searching for it) because maybe this blog won't look like such a mess but my points were made and once i figure some more "techy" stuff out I'll put up my recipes.

 A picture of the bridesmaids with the bride of course!! ( the little girl my cousins daughter since my cousin was working and couldn't make it LOL)


  1. Yeah for weddings! My sister is getting married next month! Great job, those stuffed shells sound A_MA_ZING!!!! I am your newest follower:)

  2. How about sharing the spinach and artichoke stuffing for the pasta shells? Please?


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