Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lazy Sunday!

I don't know what has happened to our beautiful spring weather but it has been miserable, damp, and groggy around these parts. After a weekend filled with family parties, cleaning, running errands and taking care of everyone like I usually do, It just seemed right to kick back and relax with one another. We cuddled up under our blankies and watched movies all afternoon After of course a big hearty breakfast that this momma put together!
Scrambled eggs, tator tots (hashbrowns), bacon and Mangoes. Don't forget the OJ!! Yes of course we were all full hence the need to cuddle up on our couches and take a load off. I mean Sunday is the day for rest is it not?
While resting I snapped some pictures. (This is rare for me but I like having theses kind of moments in photos so I think I might do it more often. LOL) Anyway Hope you all got to enjoy some kind of rest this weekend to help prepare you all for the week ahead!!
Daddy and Capone!

My Boys!

Coco had to come into the mix.

Awww kissy time!!

Then we were trying on hats.

I had a wonderful weekend Hope it's a great week as well!!

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  1. they look like they are all good friends!!
    Happy Mothers Day!